Active Travel Street Party 2014
May 28, 2014

Active Travel Street Party 2014


A street party in Bradford to encourage students in the city to get active and travel by foot, cycling or public transport took place yesterday. A road near both Bradford University and Bradford College was blocked off in order to allow the Active Travel Street Party to get underway. This one day event was to promote walking and cycling amongst the cities students and to encourage them to ditch their cars.


The event was organised in partnership with the University, college and Sustrans, the sustainable travel organisation.


At the event was graffiti art, an extreme mountain bike show along with wacky bikes, smoothie bikes an a pedal powered cinema. There were also a number of information stalls from Cycle-re-Cycle and Bradford Bike Hub amongst some others.


College walking champion Jonathan Curtis said in a recent report that the all day event, enabled people to find out more about active travel opportunities and sustainable commuting. He explained that the day was about raising the profile of active travel and trying to encourage both students and staff from the university and college to try and think differently about how they travel to work.


To encourage more people to get rid of their car and opt for walking, cycling or public transport instead. He finished by saying that this event followed a successful green travel day in 2010.


Jennie O'Hara, who is the project officer for Sustrans said that the street party was all about showing that cycling is fun. She also praised how much the college had done already for sustainable transport. She went on to say that if every work place across Bradford did as much promoting walking and cycling as the college had then there would be a lot less cars on the streets.


She explained that Sustrans aim ultimately is for more people out of cars and on their feet or bikes or using sustainable transport, basically highlighting the message that it is a lot better for your health and the environment.


Earlier on this year Bradford College won an eco friendly grant from the Sustrans learning to travel differently project, which therefore allowed it to put on the Active Travel Street party.


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