What does your car say about you?
January 24, 2013

Would you believe that sociological research has shown that most of our population does draw up conclusions about the personality of people based on the car that they drive? Apparently the longer the bonnet of the car, the more macho and arrogant the driver is thought to be, we can feel you squirming in your seat now thinking of your own vehicle. Apparently the bigger your boot is, the older you are, this conclusion is drawn up by the fact that you probably have more people depending on you, which means more luggage, children to be exact.

It is safe to say that many of us do think about what other people will think about us, based on the car that we are driving around. There are many reasons why cars are highly thought of as a signalling status and are of course purchased with this in mine than just getting from A to B in whatever car you can find. Cars are obviously parked together in crowded spaces, such as outside of work, outside your home or ourside the supermarket, allowing comparison between vehicles. People may believe that their homes are more specatacular than yours, though the opportunity never arises for both houses to be put next to each other, whereas you could drive your car up to anybody elses.

Men are said to make family car buying decisions, however if men were left to buy whichever car they wanted, it is more than likely not going to be a suitable and practical car to haul the family around in, it is actually women (if they are sharing cars) who decided what the best option is for the whole family. Size is what really matters to men, which car looks to macho, the size of the engine, how much it produces and how quickly it can get from 0-60 mph are really what men talk about whilst women aren't around.  It has actually been said that a man may spend £20,000 rather than settling for a cheaper alternative, just to ensure his car can get from 0-60 faster than other people he knows. It's all about ego, this may seem sexist but we can feel you nodding your heads in agreement.

What about a 4x4 driver? They don't just exist in Emmerdale, so the answer is not countryside dwellers or farmers. Apparently, 4x4 drivers secretely want to be driving a tank and so settles for the next best thing. Of course, the 4x4 allows you to travel over rough terrain, which most other vehicles wont, so this is the dare devil car, the one you can take right off the road and have your way with. This driver craves attention and a bit more than the regular school run.

The Sports car owner, attention seeker? The sports car owner wants to be stared at from any which way possible, the 4x4 owner could go off on their own on roads without cars, whereas the sports car owner wants company on the roads at all times. The sports car driver knows that their car will be admired and they enjoy it, from the safety of their vehicle. Whereas the Convertible driver, complete attention seeker. The top is down on their vehicle, to show the fact that, yes their car roof comes down and look at me, I am driving in the open air, no-one who wanted a quiet drive with no fuss, would openly retract the roof of their car so their head is poking out for all to see. 

A people carrier, you don't need a brainbox to work out who wants these cars, it is so the entire Walton family can go everywhere together. That is all to be said on that.

Maybe, after reading this you are arguing against what has been said, you don't agree with it at all. Convertible drivers are just trying to catch some sun on the way to work, in the middle of winter. Maybe it would be more original to pick a car that doesn't scream out "This is my new car, it cost so much money, look at me!" If you want a sports car, go right ahead nobody is saying no, though don't try and outdo yourself and your car in the wrong lane, stick to what you know and what fits, then maybe people wont look at you in this sort of way.

All in all, this is supposed to be lighthearted and is not intended to cause any offence.




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