Skoda Fabia 2015
May 30, 2014

New Skoda Fabia Spotted!


The Skoda Fabia is arguably the firms most famous model and has recently been spotted in its new design form during testing. The Volkswagen owned Skoda firm announced that the latest version of the Fabia model is set to be on show at the Paris Motor Show in October of this year.


The first Skoda Fabia model was easily recognisable and helped the brand earn its place within the market, however, the second generation of Fabia model gave us the future look of the Skoda range as the models took on more of a curved and futuristic look about it. This time round the Fabia model seems to have returned back to the youthful angular looks it first had when it entered the market.


Since the first Fabia model, the Skoda brand has gone on to become one of the best selling manufacturers in markets such as the UK. The range of models has expanded and all of the Superb, Octavia, Fabia, Rapid and the Yeti are consistently achieving high sales figures across European markets.


Owners Volkswagen are this year hoping that the Skoda brand will be contributing towards the group achieving over 10 million new car sales within the sales year of 2014. Volkswagen have also recently announced that the Skoda brand along with other members of the group, Seat, will be adding an SUV model to the line up of models on offer next year.


Other members of the Volkswagen Group, Audi, have been amongst the best selling brands of the year so far, having eclipsed all previous sales record for the first three months of the year and overtook major rivals BMW and Mercedes in the luxury car market.


The new Fabia model at Skoda is both wider and longer which is said to increase the handling abilities on the car. The firm have also hinted that the model will be lighter which will result in the model achieving better fuel economy figures.


The Czech Republic based firm have also confirmed that the Fabia model will not joining the hot hatch market in the near future after rumours over a new vRS model were quickly quashed.


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