Suzuki launch the all new GSXR 1000 ZSE model
May 30, 2014

In some of the most recent motorbike release news today, we take a look into the popular car and motorbike brand known as Suzuki and the grand launch of their all new GSXR 1000 ZSE model which has recently been put on sale. The GSXR line up has always been a key feature for the motorcycle side of things with the company. They have made for some of the biggest sales the brand has seen over the recent number of years and have had much success with the 750 version and of course the 1000cc version also. Suzuki are famous for other machines too such as the Hayabusa which is officially the fastest motorbike in the world right now. With sales and business doing well for Suzuki at this moment in time, what makes us think that this all new addition to the line up can help keep popularity at an all time high and why could this GSXR model still prove to be an ideal rival for the likes of the Honda CB 1000 ?.


The talking and focal points of the Suzuki GSXR 1000 ZSE

So what has been done to this bike in regards to changes and tweaks and what can you expect to receive with a purchase on this brand new two wheeled machine ?. A powerful 999cc engine comes as part of the package and it also comes completely liquid cooled.The use of a direct fuel injection system and an electronic ignition as standard also make the cut this time around. A chain drive and a standard six speed transmission make for a much more steady model too. The main features that caught our attention about this bike though were the fully adjustable suspension system and the Brembo brakes that also come along with this GSXR addition as standard. So with that springing to mind we do believe that this bike could be the ideal rival for the likes of the R6 from rival company .


What's the purchase price on the Suzuki GSXR 1000 ZSE ?

£13,499 can be expected to pay as an all round price for this wonderful motorbike. In terms of when you can purchase this bike from Suzuki dealership's, there is no wait involved at all as you can make the investment officially right now.


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