Volkswagen reveal the brand new Wolfsburg Golf GTI model
May 30, 2014

In some of the latest breaking news today to make it's way out of the German car manufacturing company known as Volkswagen,we are pleased to report on the official reveal of the all new Golf GTI Wolfsburg model which has recently been unveiled by the mass manufacturer. Over the years the Volkswagen Golf has been one of the biggest selling cars of all time for the company it has certainly been one of the models left standing tall. Alongside the Polo the Golf is one of the most recognisable vehicles on the road today and we believe that judging by what we know so far about this all new Golf model,the Wolfsburg edition could be set to help boost sales figures for the company well into the future.


What has been revealed regarding the Volkswagen Golf GTI Wolfsburg ?

So what do we know so far about this brand new vehicle and what have Volkswagen bosses confirmed about the vehicle in question ?. Well firstly it is expected that we will see the welcome addition of a 2.0 litre,TSI engine that will be set to produce somewhere around the 375 brake horse power area. Sadly performance rates have not been announced as of yet but we do expect to hear more on this further down the line. Some brand new changes for this car include the likes of,rear spoilers,door sills, a rear diffuser, an all new black and orange steering wheel and a brand new set of alloy wheels are also set to come along for the ride too. Now in terms of gadgets and technology you can expect to receive,LED lighting, a subwoofer,a 24 inch LED tv and to top this car off very nicely a PlayStation is also included.


We believe engine wise this car could prove to be a good rival for the likes of, the Honda Civic type R and the Audi S3.


The future for the Volkswagen Golf GTI Wolfsburg

Sadly this model at this moment in time is not confirmed an official launch hence why no price tag has been confirmed as of yet either. The car was shown off at the Worthersee tuning festival. There could be a possibility in the future of a release for this car although it may differ slightly from the specs shown. We hope to hear more in time.



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