Easy Gap gets a brand new look!
November 22, 2012
Welcome to the new look Easy Gap website! Our new online facility now has new look, a new logo, new features, upgraded security and increase user experience (we hope). Our site upgrades have given Easy Gap a whole new feel, as well as providing a vast array of new information specific to the world of Gap Insurance.
                                     Easy Gap Insurance

The investment by our company, Aequitas Automotive Ltd, will provide a better customer experience by providing a more intuitive quotation engine, and although we provide a smaller range of policies they polciies are available for cars, vans, motorbikes, motor homes, taxi's and driving school vehicles.

The changes are not just skin deep either!

Our Easy Gap policies are now underwritten by UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance, one of the largest insurers in the UK today. UK General on behalf of Ageas underwrites huge amounts of premiums in the UK each year, indeed if you have a motor insurance or household insurance policy then there is a good chance that you have a policy underwritten by UK General on behalf of Ageas already.

Our policy features have been upgraded too

Easy Gap policies now have:

Free Transfer of unused premium
- if you change your vehicle. Unlike many other online providers this is a written policy term, and is not simply a broker promise reliant on you purchasing a new policy.

Extended Vehicle Eligibility - we can offer all standard policies for cars, vans, motor homes, motorbikes, taxi's and driving schools. We can also offer cover for any UK supplied vehicle named in Glass' Guide with no excluded manufacturer list.

Extended periods of cover - we can now offer up to 5 year Return to Invoice and 5 year Vehicle Replacement Insurance for those consumers who are looking for longer ownership. Combining extended cover and a huge insurance underwriter we hope provides the ultimate peace of mind in the UK today.

Defer your Start Date - If you have replacement cover on your motor insurance we can allow you to defer your start date for up to 12 months for maximum value for money.

Cancel at any time - We have extended our 'cooling off' period to 30 days, during this time you can adjust or cancel your policy entirely if you wish. After 30 days you can cancel your policy at any time with a pro rata refund of any unused premium less a £35 administration charge.

So welcome to the all new Easy Gap, has Gap Insurance ever been this easy?


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