MP Travel Expenses revealed
January 25, 2013
Million has been claimed by Politicians for travel expenses for using their own cars and for public transport in 2011/2012. Claims data that was published recently by the Independant Parliamentary Standards Authority indicates that Politicians have billed taxpayers more than £2.3 million for using Public Transport and £1.1 million and maybe more for costs of travelling in their own vehicles in their constituencies or travelling to Westminster. They have also claimed £119,802 in parking costs and £43,250 for tolls and London Congestion charges. They also managed to claim for such things as hotels, £67,671, taxis used £55,656 and car hire £22,373 and even unbelievably food and drink, £4,618, motorbike expenses came to £300 and even bike expenses were claimed £161.84. With all of these claims in total MP's have claimed £4,043,792 in travel expenses just over the course of 2011/2012. These are said to be shocking amounts of claims especially at a time when drivers across the UK are having to deal with unparalleled motoring costs. Patrick McLoughlin who is the Transport Secretary claimed a huge £7,223 to use his car. That wasn't all, before he claimed these expenses he also claimed £4,301.40 that he claimed that he had used in Public Transport, this included a whole 39 first class train fares.

One MP had actually claimed so much in travel expenses that it was said that he would have been able to buy a brand new car and then go on to run it for a year with the amount of money he was awarded. There was also an MP who claimed for an annual season ticket for the London Congestion zone enough for over 250 days, although parliament only sits for 150.

Do MP's need first class train tickets? Do they need enough money rewarded back to them to be able to buy their same car all over again? Absolutely not. These travel expense claims are absolutely ridiculous when people across the country are struggling to pay for things, like costs of getting to work.


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