Aprillia launch the all new Tuono V4 model
June 23, 2014

With a look into a slightly different motorbike company now compared to the brands we usually focus on, we look at a brand new model of bike to go on sale from the Italian manufacturer Aprillia. The Tuono V4 model has recently been made available here on UK roads and across other parts of the world also. Over the years Aprillia motorbikes have mainly consisted of 125cc models which have been some of the most successful ever released onto both new and used motorbike markets. Now though the manufacturer take a new outlook on the motorbike industry with a V4 variant. With a much larger engine range on offer now and judging by what we know about this particular variant of Aprillia, we believe this could be the ideal rival for other Italian brand Ducati with the 998 model and even some additions to there Monster line up.


What is it about the Aprillia Tuono V4 that makes an impact ?

So what has made it stand out over some of it's predecessors and even over some stiff competition from the likes of Yamaha and Honda ?. Well a 999.6cc engine is involved with this new machine which is fully fitted with a liquid cooling system. Traction control and a double overhead camshaft is part of the bike too. Overall with revs of 11,500 per minute, we see a total of 170 horse power produced. An alloy swingarm and Piggy back shock absorbers make for one of the most comfortable and best handling rates that an Aprillia model has ever seen. Brembo brakes and a 18.5 litre fuel tank make for some neat touches also.


In regards to the look and design of this particular model, it is made available in only two different colours. The first comes in the manner of all Black and your alternative option for colour schemes is all White.


How much do Aprillia sell the Tuono V4 for ?

The company behind the motorbike are currently selling this Tuono V4 model brand new for a cost of £12,634 and it is available from most Aprillia dealers and showrooms across the length of the country.  


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