The different flavour of the KTM RC 390 for 2014
June 24, 2014

In the world of motorbikes today,we take a look into the Austrian motorbike company known as KTM and one of their motorbikes which is available on the road right now, the RC 390 model all new for 2014. The likes of Honda and Suzuki are amongst many of the front runners in the current motorbike industry and have been for many years now. The likes of KTM are as popular still but some might not compare them to some bigger competition. We believe that the RC 390 model could very well be that sports motorbike that keeps them up high amongst some other top contending competition. So what is it about this particular KTM model that helps it stand out on both new and used motorbike markets and why could this particular model prove to be a key seller for you ?.


The key features and focal points of the KTM RC 390

So what stands out performance wise with this particular model that could tempt you into purchasing it ?. Well we see the use of a four stroke engine that also comes fully fitted with a water cooling system. 373Cc is the official engine size. An electric starter and a standard six speed transmission system also comes along with this KTM model as standard. A liquid cooling system and a wet multi-plate clutch also makes it's way to the RC 390. An electronic ignition system also comes along with this KTM machine. A ten litre capacity of fuel can also be carried at a single time. Therefore helping the RC 390 stand out against some similar brands such as Yamaha and Ducati too.

What's the cost of the KTM RC 390 ?

We are firstly pleased to deliver you the news that the KTM RC 390 is on sale right now and can be purchased from your local KTM dealer right now. In regards to the price tag that comes along with this KTM motorbike, expect to make the purchase on this model for a total cost of £4,999.


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