The Suzuki Burgman 125cc scooter
June 24, 2014

Today in a slightly different look into the motorbike world, we take a look at the scooter side of things from the Suzuki brand. The model on the agenda today is the 125cc Burgman model which is on sale right now. The Suzuki company are famous for cars such as the Swift and of course for the GSXR line up on the motorbike side. The companies scooters are good sellers too and this 125 Burgman could be the ideal scooter for a first time buyer who has just passed there test. The Burgman range consists of many different models for the mass manufacturer and has proven to be a key ingredient in the past for the Suzuki line up. So what is it that was included during the manufacturing process for this particular model that helps it stand out and make an impact on the motor vehicle market ?.


The features included with the Suzuki Burgman 125 cc model

Well for starters this scooter consists of a 125cc engine that comes complete with a liquid cooling system. An electric starter and a fuel injection system also make there way to this Suzuki scooter. A V belt drive and a dry shoe,automatic transmission system are also included with the standard Burgman 125. Overall this scooter produces 9000 revs per minute with 10.80NM of Torque being developed also. Single disc hydraulic brakes come on the front of this scooter and the rear too. A 10.5 litre fuel tank capacity is also a nice added bonus for the Burgman 125.


Two separate colour schemes are included with this scooter which consist of White and Grey. So with these key points to think about, we see the Burgman 125 scooter as some healthy competition for other top scooter brands such as Yamaha and Honda too.

What's the purchase price of the Suzuki Burgman 125 ?

The Burgman 125cc scooter can be bought right now from selected Suzuki dealers and showrooms around the UK right now. In regards to how much you can expect this particular model to set you back, expect to make the purchase for a total cost of £3,499.


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