Mazda to make a profit for the first time in five years!
January 30, 2013

Mazda to make a profit for the first time in five years!


Mazda's chief operating officer in Europe has predicted a profit for the Japanese company which will be the firms first profit in just over 5 years. Despite the current conditions in the European economy demand for the Mazda range has been consistent and has somewhat increased.


The current conditions in the European car market has forced the hand of the majority of the worlds largest manufacturers in terms of increasing prices. Although, Mazda increased the set invoice prices of their models, they started the year off by offering various discounts and deals to disguise the increase and by the way things are looking it seems to have worked.


It has worked so well that there is currently an extensive waiting list in Europe for the all new Mazda 6 which has only recently been launched. Like most manufacturers, Mazda have had to look at ways of meeting demand whilst cutting production and distribution costs in order to make a profit.


Ford who have celebrated the highest profit margin in the company's history have continued to cut back on costs as they have only recently announced the closure of two plants in the south of England. Fiat who received the worst sales figure in 30 years have also had to announce job cuts and factory closures to meet the current low demand and save on costs.


To achieve a profit in one of the most difficult times that the worlds car market has seen, is something to be proud of. The new Mazda CX-5 is currently achieving four times the predicted rate of sales in the firms home country of Japan. Mazda have also released plans to carry out an aggressive roll out of new vehicle launches in the near future to take advantage of the current boom and popularity for the brand.


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