Jeep set to launch the brand new Cherokee model in March
June 26, 2014

In some upcoming vehicle release news this afternoon, the American car company known as Jeep who are well known for family style SUV models, have confirmed that a brand new Cherokee model is all set to be released into the world this coming March. The Cherokee is one of the brands most well known vehicle models to ever go on sale and this all new addition of the car will make it's way to you as an SUV/Crossover vehicle. In the past we have seen the Cherokee go head to head with the likes of Volkswagen with the Touareg and the Discovery 4 from Land Rover. So what has gone into this brand new addition to the line up to help it do much of the same when it is launched ?.

The new changes and updates to the Jeep Cherokee

So what has made it into this brand new Cherokee variant for next year and why should you choose this model to spend your money on over some other Cherokee models available on the market right now ?. Well firstly if we take a look into the engine and some key performance rates that will come along with the new model, we see the use of a 2.0 litre,Turbo diesel engine come into play. This powerful engine is said to hit top speeds of 119 miles per hour which is helped to achieve it's goal by a sprint time from zero to 62 miles per hour in a time of just 10.3 seconds overall. The total power output to be returned from the new Cherokee will come in at 168bhp. A nine speed automatic transmission system will also come along with this four wheel drive variant.


Some new features and upgrades that could prove to be key ingredients for this model will also include an 8.4 inch touchscreen, all new leather seating a brand new powered tailgate.


What will the purchase price of the Jeep Cherokee come in at ?

The official price tag that will come along with the new Cherokee is set to come in at £35,695 and this model will go on sale from March.  


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