Audi in production of the TT SUV Hybrid model
June 26, 2014

In some incoming news today coming out of the German car company Audi, we are pleased to report on an all new Hybrid model that is currently undergoing the production process from the company and it will make it's way to you as a TT variant SUV Hybrid model. This particular car is set to be a rare addition to the Audi EV line up which will be kick started by the A3 e-tron model which goes on sale later this year. The TT for many years has proven to be one of Audi's best vehicles on offer around the world and we believe that this all new EV SUV version of the car will be very much set to help boost popularity for the car and for the brand as a whole. For many years Audi have rivaled the likes of BMW and Nissan and we believe this new addition to the line up will do that once more. Against the likes of the i3 and the Leaf which are both EV vehicles also.


What we know about the Audi TT SUV Hybrid so far

So what is it that has been confirmed for the car at this point in time and what is it that remains just rumour at this stage for the TT EV model ?. Well in regards to confirmations a2.0 litre,TFSI turbo engine which produces 402 brake horse power is confirmed for the vehicle. Two electric motors will also come fully fitted along side the engine. One of the motors will be connected to the gearbox where as the second motor will be connected to the rear axle of the car.

Some all new components will also come fitted to the car and we see these may very well prove to be key selling points of the car along side the motors. Some of these include LED headlights,an all new chrome grille,a 12.3 inch TFT screen and a flat bottom steering wheel will see an introduction into this particular model also. A raised suspension system may also help when it comes to hitting those hard bumpy roads.


When will the Audi TT SUV Hybrid see a grand launch ?

It has sadly not yet been confirmed as to an exact launch date for this Audi EV although we do believe that we could see this car hit our roads as early as 2016. No price region has been stated as of yet either but we expect to hear more on this when the car is officially revealed to the general public.



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