The Aprillia RS4 50 a veteran bike for a first time buyer ?
June 26, 2014

Looking into the motorbike side of things here at Easy gap, we take a look today at a 50cc model from the Italian motorbike company Aprillia. The brand over the years have had many great models go on sale which could be perfect for a first time buyer and now we believe this to be the case once more with the addition of the RS4 50 model. The bike has that old school,sports style look to it that most manufacturers provide in this day and age and the beauty is that this could be ideal for someone who has only just passed their test. It comes in the form of a 50cc model and could very well rival other companies with similar models such as the likes of Honda and Yamaha. So why buy this model over anything other companies currently have on offer ?.


The key components and equipment of the Aprillia RS4 50

So now we take a look into what else it is about the RS4 50 that makes this model something of a must own bike. We see the inclusion of a 50cc engine that also comes joined along side by a liquid cooling system. Monoshock front and rear suspension components also make this for a smooth performing motorbike. The engine also comes in the form of a two stroke single cylinder which could help this addition to the Aprillia range out when it comes to going up against other companies too such as Kawasaki and .


In regards to the colour and look of the bike, as we previously mentioned it comes with the look of a modern day sports model and it is also made available in two different paint schemes which include Yellow and Black.


What does the Aprillia RS4 50 sell for ?

We are firstly delighted to bring you the good news that this particular model is available to purchase right now from Aprillia dealers all around the United Kingdom. In regards to the price tag on the RS4 50, expect to pay a total cost of £3,271.


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