The Nissan GT R Nismo going on sale this September
June 27, 2014

In some upcoming vehicle release news today coming out of the Japanese company Nissan, we are pleased to report on the all new GT R Nismo model from the mass manufacturer which is all set to go on sale world wide from this September. The Nissan company for many years have been a household name and has received much success and brand recognition from vehicles such as the Qashqai and the Juke which have been two of the better selling models from the company over the past number of years. Both of these models have put Nissan higher up the food chain in the car world as of late but now the company are taking a different approach to the car market with this all new sports model.


The engine and performance of the Nissan GT R Nismo

So what is it that will make the Nismo something to be desired by other sports car brands such as Jaguar and Mazda ?. Well with a look into what makes this sports car tick, we see the use of a 3.8 litre, twin turbo,V6 engine that will achieve 62 miles per hour from a standstill in a time of just 2.6 seconds. With that being said, this key performance figure helps the Nismo hit a total top speed of 200 miles per hour or there abouts. 592 units of brake horse power will be delivered and we see the all new GT R Nismo develop 652NM of Torque.


In terms of some of the eye catching components for the Nismo, we see the interior come with Red and Black leather sports seats and Billstein adaptive dampers also come along as part of the package.


When will the Nissan GT R Nismo be launched ?

Although an exact date is still yet to be confirmed by the company, we are pleased to inform you that the GT R Nismo will go on sale from September of this year and will be made available here in the UK. The expected price margin set to come along with this car is also expected to roll in at a cost of somewhere around the £125,000 price area.



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