The BMW 1 series face lift model is spotted testing
June 27, 2014

In some exciting news making it's way out of the German car company known as BMW, we are pleased to report on the news regarding the sighting of the all new face lifted BMW 1 series model. This vehicle has recently been spotted out and about undergoing testing and has been seen to feature some new components on the outside of the vehicle and some known features for the engine which are also expected. Over the duration of the 1 series existence to the BMW franchise, they have proven to be some top flight competition for the likes of Audi and Mercedes amongst other top selling brands. So what has been made public regarding the new features of the face lifted BMW 1 series ?.


The new changes and rates of the BMW 1 series

So if we take a look into what is expected from this car regarding how it is powered, we expect to see the addition of a 3.0 litre,turbo charged engine that will produce 316 brake horse power overall. Therefore a strong rival for the Volkswagen Golf is what this new BMW 1 series model is expected to be.

Some other features that are set to come along with the new BMW 1 series also include the likes of 18 inch alloy wheels,silver door mirrors and an all new set of brake callipers. The standard set of light clusters also join this BMW 1 series model. It is also expected that a brand new M sport steering wheel will come along with this BMW model also.

We expect to hear more regarding specifications of this model closer to it's official time of launch.


When will the new BMW 1 series be released ?

It is highly believed that the new 1 series model could be officially revealed this coming October from the Paris motor show with it expected to go on sale from early 2015. Sadly prices have not yet been announced but are expected to be close to the end of this year or potentially at the Paris motor show if it is revealed there.



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