The Porsche Panamera diesel model on sale now
June 27, 2014

In a look into some recent vehicle release news today making it's way out of the German car company known as Porsche, we are delighted to report on the grand launch of the all new Panamera diesel model which has recently gone on sale here in the UK and across other parts of the world also. The Panamera is one of the companies finest selling models available right now along side the likes of the Cayenne and the Cayman. Now with this all new diesel variant of the car going on sale, there is a chance that this brand new addition to the Panamera line up could help maintain some good all round sales figures for the range and also provide some healthy competition for other car brands such as Jaguar and Audi too.


The key features of the Porsche Panamera diesel

So what has gone into this new diesel variant of the car during production time to help it stand out and make an impact around the world ?. Well if we take a look into what makes this car tick, we see the use of a 3.0 litre,V6,Turbo diesel engine that puts out a total power output of 296 brake horse power with top speeds being reached of 151 mph. This is helped along swiftly by a 0 to 60mph sprint time of only six seconds flat. An eight speed automatic transmission system comes along with the Panamera diesel and it is made available as only a rear wheel drive variant.


There are also some new added pieces of equipment that come along with this car and we see these come in the manner of 18 inch alloy wheels,a built in sat-nav system, heated seats and parking sensors are also included.

How much does the Porsche Panamera diesel cost ?

The official price region that comes along with this new diesel variant currently rolls in at £65,296 and we are pleased to deliver on the good news that this particular model is available for purchase right now from your local Porsche showroom.



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