Ferrari Name the New 2013 Car F138
January 31, 2013

The new Ferrari is expected to be unveiled sometime this week and the Italian firm has announced that the model will be called the F138. The name is apparently linked to the current year of which the model will compete in and the number of cylinders it has in the engine of the car.


The Italian outfit will have thought as little about the name of the car as the name may suggest, as what matters to them is how the car performs and how can it improve as the start of the season nears. Number one driver and runner up in the previous two drivers championships Fernando Alonso, is believed to be pleased with the progress the team has made during the winter break and cant wait to get back in the car and race.


Testing of the car will continue further into next week after launching the new car with its new name at the Italian outfits factory in Maranello. Ferrari remain the only team in the line up to compete in every season of the Formula 1 championship and the new car will be the 59th car to enter consecutively.


New competitors this year will be the new and reformed Mercedes team, as new driver Lewis Hamilton looks to reignite his rivalry with Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso. The Mercedes team will now have more to offer with Lewis Hamilton as the number one driver and the move may inspire him to more victories amongst other things.


Lewis Hamilton was very friendly with ex team mate Jenson Button and many may have criticised their relationship, as they weren’t as competitive with each other as they should have been, and the move may highlight this point further when the Brit goes head to head with German team mate Nico Rosberg.


The new Renault Lotus F1 car will be looking to help driver Kimi Raikkonen challenge once again for the drivers championship and the season promises a lot for the team as team mate Romain Grosjean looks to prove his doubters wrong and simply finish races in the points.


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