Renault launches special editions of the Megane and Scenic range
July 22, 2014

The Megane and the Scenic are without a doubt two of the biggest selling vehicles for the French car firm Renault. The Megane was originally introduced back in 1995 and the Scenic in 1996. With over a decade behind the two models, they have both received new variations over the years which have helped them keep their place as some of the finest vehicles to own around the world. Today though we are excited to deliver on the good news that two brand new special edition variations of the car will officially go on sale around various countries world wide and could be just what they needed in terms of a brand new refresh. We have seen this particular models lock horns with the likes of the Ford Focus and the C4 picasso from Citroen over the years so can this new variations of the models prove to be a key inclusion to help maintain such a strong source of competition ?.

Which new features come along with these Renault models ?


So the new changes come in the form of both engine ranges and additional pieces of equipment. If we take a look into the added kit that comes along with both models, we see that Renault have included A panoramic sunroof,tinted windows and all new upholstery for the interior of the vehicles.


There are however optional extras that will also come along with both vehicles and we see these come in the manner of 17 inch alloy wheels and an all new built in sat nav system.


Now regarding the performance side of things for both cars, we see that a new engine range comes to this trim for the Megane and Scenic and these consist of:

  • A 110bhp 1.6 litre,VVT petrol engine.

  • 115 bhp 1.2 energy TCE petrol.

  • 1.2 litre,energy Tce 130 bhp engine for the Scenic only

  • A 1.5 Dci diesel engine which produces 130 brake horse power

  • A 1.6 Dci diesel which puts out 130 brake horse power also.

The Altea from Seat and of course the 3008 from Peugeot look to match up to these new engine ranges and performance updates so could the new line up of Renault models have the potential to outsell these other sources of competition ?.


What will the new special edition Renault models go on sale for ?


Well firstly we can inform you that these two brand new special edition models will arrive in select Renault showrooms/dealerships from September of this year. Prices for the entry level Megane model will start from £18,250 where as the Scenic will follow suit with a starting price of £19,865 with prices rising varying on optional extras.



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