The Suzuki GSXR 750z
July 22, 2014

The Japanese manufacturers Suzuki are without a doubt one of the finest companies world wide in the motorbike industry today. The company were originally founded back in October of 1909 and have since proceeded to aim their attention at some stiff competition from the likes of Honda amongst many more. Bikes such as the GSXR line up and the fastest motorbike on the roads right now.. the Hayabusa are Suzuki's biggest sellers. Speaking of the GSXR line up from the company though, that is the range we focus our attention on today and to be more specific the 750 Z model. Many brands offer good range 750CC models today so the Japanese company certainly have some opposing rivals on their hands. So what could of possibly been done to this addition to the GSXR family that helps to give it that added bit of edge over the competition ?.


The extra added edge of the Suzuki GSXR 750Z

So with much competition available on our roads right now from the likes of the Kawasaki Z750 and the Aprillia Shiver what added potential does this model have to help take on the competition ?.


Well as expected this addition to the GSXR line up comes fully fitted with a 750cc engine that comes complete with four cylinders and is also joined by a liquid cooling system. As standard you can expect to receive a six speed,transmission system and an electronic fuel injection system also helps this motorbike out when it comes to throttle responsiveness. Power comes in the form of 13,200 revs per minute.


The braking system on this bike is top notch also as we see the front brake come with twin discs and the rear with a singular. An oil damped suspension system also comes along with the GSXR 750Z as standard.


What does a brand new Suzuki GSXR 750Z sell for ?

So firstly before we delve into the purchase price on this motorbike from Suzuki, we see that it is available to purchase and ride away right now from your local dealership. Now as for how much you can expect to own the new 750 Z model for, expect to pay up a total of £9,899 brand new.


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