The new Audi SQ7 to include electrically assisted turbo charging
July 24, 2014

In some car industry news today regarding German manufacturer Audi and one of their upcoming vehicles the SQ7, we are excited about the news that has been recently revealed regarding this vehicle which is expected to launch in 2016. The new is that the model is all set to benefit from the assistance of electric turbo charging. The new SQ7 will make it's way to you in the form of an SUV model and the reasoning behind the electrical assistance is to reduce lag on both the petrol and diesel engines. This new electrical assistance is set to improve the engine response times of the vehicle and this will be the first time such a component has been used in a vehicle before.


What we know so far about the Audi SQ7


So what has the company announced so far regarding some of the features that will come along with this particular model ?. A bi turbo engine is to be introduced into the car which will help it produce somewhere around the 309 brake horse power area. The way the electric charger works is that power will be boosted into the inlet manifold while an intercooler system sit upstream. Once power is reached high enough from the electrical assistance and the exhaust pressure reaches a certain level, valves will open up which will pass straight through the electric turbo and then conventional turbos will replace them.


This would officially be the first time that this kind of method has been used in an Audi vehicle or any car for that matter. With new steps in technological advancement coming in quick and heavy can other top rival German brands such as Mercedes and BMW match up to this new step into the future ?.


Pre tests on the electrical assistance


Audi in the past have tried different methods in order to equal a similar experience and result in their machines. The A6 TDI concept uses an electronically driven supercharger with a single turbo charger and the RS 5 TDI has also included the use of a twin turbo system with both large and small turbochargers put into place also.

Now that Audi have potentially gotten that key electrical assistance for turbo charging could this prove to be a good move for the Audi company  in the future to help increase their reputation and even bring in more custom ?.



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