The Toyota Aygo automatic on sale this month
July 24, 2014

In some car release news for the month of July, Japanese manufacturer has a new model to offer this month and it comes in the form of an automatic variant. This automatic system makes it's way to the Toyota Aygo. The Toyota Aygo is perhaps one of the best city cars to own right now and it has been on sale here in European markets since 2005. It has receive quite a number of variations over the years but there is a chance that this automatic variant of the car could very well prove to be one of the best ones yet. The Aygo has been a top flight rival going up against the likes of the 108 from French company Peugeot over the years but could this be the car that eventually puts them in front ?.


Engine,rates and equipment for the Aygo automatic


So what have the company included in this automatic variant of the vehicle that could put it in front and give it the edge over similar city cars on offer around the world ?.

For a city car not a vast amount of power is expected but good enough for those short trips and driving experiences through the town.


We see that Toyota have included the use of a 1.0 litre,three cylinder engine that is also matched up with the addition of a five speed,manual transmission system as standard. As a result we see this front wheel drive model produce an all round top speed of 99 miles per hour which is helped to achieve it's target by the 14.2 seconds it takes the Aygo automatic to hit 62mph from the get go. The engine also develops 68 units of brake horse power and 95NM of Torque.


There is also plenty of additional pieces of kit to go round and we think that some components here may very well catch your eye. So to list them all :

  • A multi functioning steering wheel

  • A keyless start system.

  • 15 inch alloy wheels.

  • As an optional extra,a seven inch 'X touch' touch screen also comes along with an added price to the final purchase price.

With that in mind regarding the performance rates for such a small city car, we think that very much like previous Aygo additions, this model could stand in the big world of city cars amongst the likes of the Citroen C1 amongst many other smaller vehicles from manufacturers around the world.


How much will the Toyota Aygo automatic be on sale for ?

So if you think that the Aygo automatic could be the ideal vehicle for you, you will be pleased to know that a brand new version of this Aygo variant officially goes on sale for around £9,000.


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