The Renault Zoe electric vehicle
July 24, 2014

French manufacturer Renault have had a certain electric vehicle available on the market since 2013 but how much of an impact has it made on the world wide car market since it's grand launch ?. The car in question of course..the Zoe Zen. Electric vehicles are certainly taking off all over the world with various different manufactures wanting to offer such models. EV's and hybrids are certainly something that could be dominant in the near future across multiple countries with plenty to choose from right now including the Leaf from Japan based company Nissan amongst many more. More and more EV models continue to go on sale throughout the months with new technological advancements being made each time. With such high contending competition though, how has the Renault Zoe proven itself over the course of the last year ?.


Has the Zoe done well over the course of a year ?


Well the Zoe is based largely on the platform of the Clio model when it comes to distinctive looks. Over the course of the past year it has proven to be a good seller for the brand but it has been noted that a few set backs also come along with the car. Things like a very high depreciation,a boot that often has problems closing and visibility has also been another concern for many drivers.


The Zoe uses a synchronous electric motor along side a lithium ion battery. This helps the car out when it comes to producing a power output of 87 brake horse power. At full belt we see the car reach a top speed limit of 84mph which is reasonably good for an EV model. Overall we also see the Zoe Zen make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a fair amount of time of 13.5 seconds. Thanks to the battery used in the Zoe, we see that from a full charge the car can go a total distance of 130 miles before needing another charge. The single speed transmission also helps keep the car going at a steady rate and we see that this particular EV is only made available as a front wheel drive variant.


There are however some additional pieces of equipment that come along with this particular model and we see these features included consist of 16 inch alloy wheels,a touch screen sat-nav system and climate control too.


How much does the Renault Zoe sell for ?


Well as we stated, this EV went on sale last year so it is available to purchase right now from Renault dealerships around the world. In regards to how much it will set you back for a brand new version of this car, expect to make the purchase for a total cost of £15,195.


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