The Triumph speed triple R one of the swiftest bikes on the road ?
July 25, 2014

In a look into the motorbike market today here at Easy gap, we focus our attention on the British motorbike designer and one of their bikes which has been available on the road since 2012 and is still going strong to this day..the Speed Triple R. This model is based on the Speed Triple model but adds a decent amount of extras which help boost on performance and a good all round riding experience. Some of the brand new features that come along with this particular model include the likes of an Ohlins suspension system,Brembo brakes and an all new gearbox designed to make this bike more lightweight than the previous addition to the range.


How much better is the Speed Triple R compared to the original ?


So how does this bike benefit apart from the added pieces of kit compared to that of the Speed Triple model ?. Well we firstly see that this updated R version can hit an all round top speed of 155 miles per hour with a grand total of 133 brake horse power coming into play. A 1050cc engine also comes fully fitted to this bike. Thanks to the Ohlins suspension system this bike is a smooth riding experience that the forged aluminium wheels make even lighter. A large 17.5 litre fuel tank capacity also finds it's place into the Speed Triple R model. If that wasn't enough for you to sink your teeth into, this bike also comes with ABS as standard.


In regards to the design scheme of the Speed triple R, we see that it is made available in two separate paint schemes which consist of Crystal White and Phantom Black.


Over the years we have seen Triumph go head to head with other manufacturers such as Honda and Ducati amongst others and with the addition of the Speed Triple R we see these sources of competition continuing well into the future.


What's the purchase price of the Triumph Speed Triple R ?


So firstly we are pleased to inform you that this bike is available to purchase right now from your local Triumph dealer up and down the country. In regards to how much a brand new version of this bike costs, expect to pay a total cost of £10,999 for the most recent addition.  


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