The Infiniti Q50 EAU Rouge concept
July 25, 2014

Japanese car company Nissan are the proud owners of the Infiniti brand. Although not very well known here in the United Kingdom, over the years the Infiniti brand have certainly been trying to make a name for themselves. So today we cast our attention to one of the latest vehicles from the company which only comes in the form of a concept machine at this stage in time and it comes in the form of the Q50 EAU Rouge model. The Q70 and the Q60 are two of the most well known Infiniti vehicles on offer right now. Sadly though they are not the most recognised brand  around the world which is why the  Infiniti  brand are hoping to change all that with a plan for the Q50 EAU Rouge model.


What features does the Q50 EAU Rouge contain ?


As we said at this point in time the car is just a concept vehicle although if it gains enough interest from car fans around the world, we do believe that there could be a possibility of this car going on sale across the world.


So firstly lets take a look into the power and performance side of things. So firstly we see that Infiniti have included the use of a 3.8 litre,V6,Twin turbo engine which helps the car to produce a total power output of 560 brake horse power and helps it to develop 600NM of Torque. A seven speed automatic transmission system that comes along with this concept machine also helps it to reach a top speed limit all round of 180 miles per hour which is helped to achieve it's goal by the 3.9 seconds in which the 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint is achieved. This model also comes in the manner of a four wheel drive variant.


With that being said if this vehicle were ever to see a release onto the global car market, we do believe that it could very well prove to be an ideal source of competition for the likes of other top companies such as Audi and Jaguar with similar vehicles available on the road.


How much would the Infiniti Q50 EAU Rouge of gone on sale for ?


Well if this vehicle was indeed set to go on sale, you would expect to pay a cost somewhere around the £85,000 area. Unfortunately the future of this vehicle is unknown right now though regarding a future release.  


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