Mitsubishi reveal a new special edition Evolution model
July 31, 2014

Some exciting news has been making it's way out of the Mitsubishi company lately regarding the brands ever popular Evolution model.  It has been confirmed by the mass manufacturer directly that an all new special edition of the vehicle is all set to go on sale around the world and it could prove to be something quite special. The bad news though is that the model will only be limited to a total of just 40 units. The car will be named the X FQ-440MR and will go on sale joined by a price tag of £50,000. This special edition will feature all new tweaks and performance updates also. The Evolution model ever since it's grand launch in 1992 has proven to be one of the most sought after sports cars on the market and has proven itself to be an ideal rival going against the likes of Subaru with the WRX model. Can these new changes made to the special edition model help boost popularity for the car though and even go larger than the returning WRX ?.


The new features of the FQ-440MR Evolution

Well the engine from the latest Evolution model carries over to the special edition which consists of a 2.0 litre,turbo charged petrol. The difference being the bespoke ECU Re-map that is fitted which helps produce overall power output to the 440 bhp area. With that being said, it is officially the most powerful production Evolution model ever. A brand new exhaust system,intake and air cooler also find a place in the special edition. A six speed twin clutch sports shift transmission and four wheel drive is also a big added bonus.


The car has been lowered by 35mm and a brand new set of 18 inch alloy wheels also comes along for the journey.


For the interior of the car you can also find some new goodies. Recaro bucket seats,a seven inch LCD touch screen and an all new data recorder has also been fitted.


How much will the special edition Evolution sell for ?


Well the car will be made available in 'Frost White' colour scheme and prices for the model come rolling in at a total of £50,000.


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