The most used cars by companies in the United Kingdom
August 15, 2014

We have recently been looking at some of the best vehicles on the market for a range of different purposes. Today we are having a look at some of the most used vehicles by businesses for company cars. Many companies go for vehicles that are fuel efficient, reasonably priced and an all round good car. Many manufacturers are used these days for companies from around the world. Today however we are looking at the most used company cars in the United Kingdom. Some companies tend to lease vehicles whereas some companies own vehicles. The main purpose of company cars is to allow members of staff to travel for business purposes. In a telling statistic fifty percent of all car sales in the EU are for business registrations. One of the biggest professions to use company cars is the police force.  

So what car could benefit your company and staff the most ?. We have built a list of five of the top range,most used vehicles that companies use so lets get straight into it.


Cars to consider for your company

So starting of the list with a big bang we see a vehicle here in fifth place that has proven to be ideal for some business ventures and even a key seller amongst customers just looking for a casual car to drive about in.


  1. The Peugeot 308

Rolling in at the bottom of the list here but still a good all round vehicle is the 308 from French manufacturer Peugeot. The 308 is one of the most recognised and well received models to ever be manufactured by the Peugeot brand. We saw the very first 3078 model be produced in 2007. The vehicle is still manufactured to this day and has seen much global success over that time. One of the latest versions of the car to be launched was last year. The vehicle has such benefits as added equipment, range of efficient diesel engines and a smooth driving experience. It has been officially named the European car of the year for 2014 and rivals some bigger hatchbacks such as the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf. A varied amount of engines also add to the excitement. Both petrol and diesel variants are on offer which produce power between 82bhp and 150bhp.


As far as the petrol engines go we see a line up of three cylinder turbo charged engines which consist of a 1.2 Vti, a 1.2 e-HTP and a 1.6 THP. Diesel engines vary amongst a 1.6 Hdi, 1.6 e-HDI, 1.6 Blue HDI and a 2.0 litre BlueHDI. Power development for these ranges vary up to 150 brake horse power. Some of the more eye catching features of the car include 18 inch alloy wheels and 16 inch rims for the suspension system. A Euro NCAP rating of five stars was also issued the 308 for safety. A big contribution to this rating is the six air bags that come along with the 308.


A brand new Peugeot 308 sells for a total price of £14,895 for the lowered spec model whereas the highest price range for the car comes in at £24,445.
Peugeot 308 EasyGap


The forth best company car in the UK right now comes to us courtesy of the German Volkswagen brand. This vehicle is one of their best selling models ever and has the record for the most sales for the first six months of this year on European markets.



4. The Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has proven to be one of the flagship vehicles to ever be produced by the German manufacturer. Along side the likes of the Polo it has seen much achieved success over the years and a has brought a level of success to the mass manufacturer that they perhaps thought may never be possible. The very first addition of the Golf was produced in 1974 and is still being manufactured to this day. One of the latest versions of the car to be released around the world came in 2013 and is currently in it's seventh generation of vehicle. This year is a very important milestone for the Golf as it celebrates 40 years of being available on the road. That is a huge achievement for the Volkswagen firm indeed. Four petrol ranges were offered for last years addition to the line up and two diesel models were also put on offer. Petrol engines ranged from a 1.2 litre,1.4 and a 1.6 whereas the diesel alternatives varied from a 1.6 and a 2.0 litre. Petrol variants proved to be very popular amongst customers as they were turbo charged. Combinations of five,six and seven speed transmission systems were also included which included both manuals and automatics. There are different trim levels that were included with the 2013 model which included the S, SE and the sporty GT version. Benefits from the trim levels included 16 inch alloy wheels, cruise control,rear parking sensors and a built in sat nav system.


The price tag for the entry level version of the car came in at £16,975 for the S model where as the top of the range model came in with a price of £30,845.
Volkswagen Golf EasyGap



Coming in strong at our third place position top selling company car is the biggest selling vehicle in the United Kingdom of all time. This vehicle has been made available on our roads since 1976 and has since received seven generations up until now. Can you guess what vehicle it is were talking about ?.


  1. The Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta has been the very best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom of all time. We have seen the car go on to achieve much success over the years and even rival some of the big time selling city cars on offer around the world from manufacturers such as Renault and Vauxhall amongst many more. Since 1976 over 16 million units of the car have been sold around the world which it means it celebrates just as much success as the Escort along with the F-Series. The Fiesta was to be originally named the Bobcat but it given the name of Fiesta from the General Motors company back in the seventies.


The model we will take a look into today is the addition from last year. This was the first Fiesta model to be benefited by the new 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine. All new changes to the car since the previous addition to the Fiesta family also found their way to the exterior of the car. We see some of these changes come in the manner of the all new front grille and a new rear lighting setup. The Ecoboost engine that was included with this version of the Fiesta came turbo charged and produced power developments of 99 and 123 brake horse power. A non turbo charged version of the engine is also on offer but sees a decrease in power development down to 79 bhp. Another alternative for the Ecoboost engine is the diesel which carries a capacity of 1.6 litres and puts out 94 brake horse power. A five speed manual gearbox is what helps the vehicle provide a smooth driving experience for the diesel model.


A built in sat nav system,automatic windows and a brand new centre console help provide much more excitement for the Ford Fiesta. With a starting price of £9,795 and the additional features that come along with the vehicle, why would you not want to have one of these Fiesta models for your business ?.
Ford Fiesta EasyGap


In second position now just missing out on the top spot is yet again another vehicle addition from the American brand Ford. With the Fiesta making the cut in the third position spot we have another vehicle here that also has an incredible reputation in regards to sales and success.


  1. The Ford Focus

The introduction of the very first Focus model happened in 1998 here in the UK and reached the brands homeland of the US a year later. The Focus at present is in it's third generation of vehicle and hit it's prime in regards to sales figures in the year 2000 when it sold a total number 286,166 units. A huge milestone was accomplished two years ago as a factory in Thailand produced the brands 350 millionth car which happened to be a Ford Focus. Sales are still as popular today as they were back when the car was first produced and with variants of the car including the RS and the GT being manufactured over the recent years the level of success has been maintained quite well.


Some of the key benefits of owning a Ford Focus is that the price is not too expensive for the car that you are getting. The car benefits from a great all round driving experience and it comes equipped with plenty of additional pieces of kit that could interest you or members of staff receiving a company car. As the Fiesta also is, we see the Focus addition from last year come in various different trim levels. These include Studio,Edge,Zetec,Zetec S, Titanium and Titanium X. Both diesel and petrol engines are available as choices at the time of purchase for the Focus and the 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine is also available once again. There is also a high performance version of the car on offer which is the ST. Power is certainly demonstrated by the ST addition as we see the vehicle hit 62 mph in a time of only 6.5 seconds. A tweaked suspension system also ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience for the ST.


Prices for the entry level version of the 2013 Focus model begin at £13,995 whereas if you choose to opt for the highest spec level you can expect to pay out £33,580 brand new.
Ford Focus EasyGap



Finally reaching our number one spot for one of the most used company vehicles today.. we see the addition of a big selling vehicle from the minds over at BMW.


  1. The BMW 3 series

Many companies these days choose to for the 3 series vehicle from German car firm BMW. The 3 series benefits from much interior space,comfort, power and overall good performance statistics. The very first addition to the BMW 3 series line up was introduced back in 1975 and has since proven to be one of the key ingredients in the success of the BMW brand. Facing of much competition from the companies long term rivals Mercedes and Audi over the years the 3 series has proven to hang with the best. For those long business journeys the car could prove to be a key addition to your business. Comfort is a big feature as far as the interior of the vehicle is concerned and technological advancements also have a role to play this time around.


The option of a four wheel drive variant of the car is also open to customers at the time of purchase. The main engine line up for the 3 series includes additions of three and four cylinder variations. One of the main sellers in the line up is the 2.0 litre diesel which develops a power output of 181 brake horse power. However the main engine to come as an option is the performance focused variant which sees the fitting of a 3.0 litre, turbo petrol. 5.5 seconds is all that is need for the car to reach the 60 miles per hour zone from a standing start. As standard all engine ranges come fitted with a six speed manual gearbox although the option of an eight speed automatic transmission system comes along with the 3 series also. The BMW brands well known M Sports suspension system also makes for a great addition to the vehicle although it only comes as an optional extra. If you are interested in making the purchase on the entry level BMW 3 series model you can expect to pay out a total purchase of £23,555. Price for the top of the range 3 series roll in at £43,685.
BMW 3 Series EasyGap



Which vehicles will be the next break through company cars ?


So which vehicle additions will become the next break through cars in the future for companies ?. With many saloon vehicles,city cars and SUV currently on offer around the world and many more to come in the future from brands such as Audi,Mercedes and Nissan how will company cars evolve in the future of our car industry ?.


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