Five of the biggest selling cars from the year 2000
August 21, 2014

The year 2000 marked history in many different aspects of life. Not just the beginning of a new decade but also for the car industry too. Today we are starting with something new here at EasyGap as we go through the new decade year by year from the year 2000 today right up until 2014. We are taking a look into five of some of the best selling vehicles here in the UK for each year since 2000 that made an impact. Our first look today is into the year 2000 which proved to be a great year for the automotive industry. We have seen many changes in the world of vehicles since the year 2000 including technological advancements and all round driving experiences. What vehicles left an impression on the year 2000 though and what does our top five list consist of ?.


The best five of the year 2000


Coming in at the number five spot on our list today is a vehicle that is produced by the American manufacturer Ford and has been in production since back in 1992 and is still being produced to this day. For the year 2000 they sold a grand total of 1,252 models of this car on European markets alone. The vehicle we are referring to is...


  1. The Ford Mondeo

The Mondeo is still just as popular as it once was. In a time where new cars are being release every single month, the fight for the top of the car industry is indeed more fierce than ever before. The Mondeo is currently in its fourth generation and as recent as just last year won the awards for best family car and best estate car from the what car awards. One of the latest versions of the car to be released onto our streets is the version from last year which proved to be a good seller on the European markets. Both petrol and diesel engine ranges are offered with the car and some of the most popular choices amongst buyers include a 1.6 litre,TDCi diesel which delivers on a power output of 114 bhp. The biggest engine on offer in regards to a power output is of course the Ecoboost engine which carries two litres in total and comes completely turbo charged with a power output of 238bhp.


Additional equipment comes well equipped to the car also as we see four separate trim levels come along with the car which include the entry level Edge,the Zetec business,the Titanium X business and the Titanium X Sport. Each trim level comes fitted with more additional kit than the one that came before. Standard equipment though comes with plenty of gadgets this is demonstrated by the additions of LED runners,a stop start system,parking sensors and air conditioning. The entry level version of the car comes in with a starting price of £20,000 with the top of the range Ford Mondeo being priced at £30,070.
Ford Mondeo EasyGap


Next in our line up is the addition of a city car from the French manufacturer Peugeot. The vehicle we are talking about here was originally introduced to the world back in 1998 and production then ended in 2010. For the time that the vehicle was in production it proved to be a good seller for the Peugeot firm and even locked horns with other rival competitors including the likes of Renault and Ford. In the year 2000 alone it sold a grand total of 555,180 units on European markets and was high up in the ranks as one of the finest city cars made available...





  1. The Peugeot 206

The 206 model from the year 2000 included the fitting of a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine. This helped the car to deliver on an overall power output of 134 brake horse power. With that in mind, the 206 was capable of reaching an all round top speed limit of 127 miles per hour. A five speed manual gearbox came along with the 206 as standard and we see that the car was only made available as a front wheel drive variant. The very first version of the 206 was released in September of 1998 and came as hatchback vehicle. A Coupe version of the car soon followed. It was in April of 2010 that the 206 ended production and was later followed with the release of the 207. At the year of 2010 the 206 was officially Peugeot's best selling car of all time.
Peugeot 206 EasyGap


Next up in our list is a truly brilliantly selling vehicle even still to this day. The success of this car has been very impressive and the car in question has been named as the best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom of all time. The American company Ford who are the creators of the vehicle first launched this car into the world in 1976 and are still producing high volumes of the car to this day. The Fiesta has had seven life cycles in it's time and is currently in it's seventh. Since 1976 the Fiesta has sold a grand total of around 16 million models on a world wide scale and has certainly established itself as one of the finest Ford vehicles on the market today.


  1. The Ford Fiesta


One of the latest versions of the car to reach our streets was the 2012 version of the car which proved to be a good seller for the brand. A range of engines came included with that years Fiesta which included the likes of a 1.0 litre,Ecoboost engine which delivered on various different power outputs ranging from 99bhp to 138 brake horse power. There are various trims made available for the Fiesta which include the Zetec,Zetec S and the range topping Fiesta ST. A range of great features and additional equipment come along with the different trim levels, from features such as the 15 inch alloy wheels, front fog lights,body coloured door handles and mirrors too. If you choose to go for the Titanium or Titanium X model you can also expect to receive LED daytime running lights too.

Prices for the entry level version of the Ford Fiesta begin at £9,995 with prices rising upwards to £17,995 for the range topping version of the car.
Ford Fiesta EasyGap



  1. The Renault Megane


Just missing out on the top spot for vehicle sales in the year 2000 is an addition from French car firm Renault who seen much success with their Megane model during this time frame. A total of 321,177 units of the car were sold on European markets over the course of the year which provided the likes of Vauxhall and Ford with some top flight competition during that year and still do to this day. Production of the Megane was begun in 1995 and now nineteen years later the Megane is still going as strong as ever. It has proven to be a good vehicle for the whole family and for those long family journeys. We are now currently in the third generation of the Megane and two versions of the car are on sale which are the Coupe version of the vehicle and the five door version of the car also.


There are various different trim levels which come along with the Megane the likes of the expression, the Dynamique and the GT model also comes along with the Megane. Some of the new features to come along with the various trim levels for the car include the likes of USB connectivity,automatic headlights, Bluetooth connectivity,a built in sat nav system and a dual zone climate control system also. Engine wise and regarding the power outputs that are developed from the Megane we see that the addition of the vehicle from last year had some big selling engines go on sale with the most popular being a 1.6 litre petrol. Other engines that proven to be popular also consisted of two 1.6 litre diesel engines,a 1.2 litre petrol and a 1.6 diesel which has a good steady power deliverance of 130 brake horse power. Prices for the Renault Megane begin at a entry level price tag of £16,750 with the top of the range price tag coming in at £23,245.
Renault Megane EasyGap



The Ford Focus

Now finding it's way into the number one top spot for the best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom for the year 2000, we see the welcome addition of the Focus from American manufacturer Ford. The Ford Focus first went on sale here in the United Kingdom back in 1998 and is still going strong to this day. The Ford Focus now in its third generation model has seen of competition in the past from rival companies including Vauxhall and Renault amongst others. So what was it about the model from the year 2000 that provided it with some great sales figures ?.


The vehicle from 2000 was only made available as a front wheel drive variant and it benefited from a lot of extra safety features which included the likes of both drive and passenger air bags, a low battery warning,an oil pressure warning system,a low fuel warning and side impact beams. Other key selling points for that years model also included tinted windows,plenty of interior space,body matching coloured front and rear bumpers and vented disc brakes. The standard engine that come along with this Focus model consisted of the 2.0 litre standard engine which delivered on a power output of 130bhp. The original price that the 2000 Focus model went on sale for was at the area of £7,300.
Ford Focus EasyGap


Did the top selling vehicles of the year 2000 make an impact during their time ?


Well looking back at the top five list the Ford Mondeo is still a big selling executive vehicle all around the world. The Peugeot 206 ended its production but was at 2010 the biggest seller that Peugeot had ever on their hands so it certainly changed the future for Peugeot in a big way. The Renault Megane is still considered to be one of the best family sized vehicles on offer today still rivalling the likes of the Citroen C4 Picasso and the Nissan Qashqai. The Fiesta from Ford is officially the best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom ever so we think that those credentials speak for themselves. Finally the Ford Focus is still on top of it's class. It has seen many new vehicle additions since the year 2000 and is still going strong today as one of Fords top three vehicles on offer today.  


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