A saloon version of the Citroen DS5 is launched in China
August 22, 2014

In some news today concerning the French car manufacturer Citroen we are pleased to report on the launch of a brand new vehicle from the manufacturer which at this point in time is only made available over in China. The vehicle comes as a saloon version of the companies big selling DS5 model. Unfortunately this car is not available here in the United Kingdom as of yet and it is uncertain as to whether or not the car will go on sale here. A range of changes have been made to the car compared the original DS5 model which starts with the design of the car which includes more width and height for the vehicle. Other changes have been made to the interior of the car also including new technology features and a new engine range has also been included. Some are saying that the vehicle bares no resemblance to the original DS5 model and it just feels like a new car but this is by no means a bad thing. Production of the very first DS5 began in 2011 and it was given the award of the best family vehicle for the same year from Top Gear magazine. If the success of the first DS5 model is anything to go by, the Citroen company could very well see much more success roll in from the saloon version of the car also.


What new changes to the DS5 saloon should you keep on the lookout for ?


As a huge part of the vehicle is the engine that is where we will begin with this variation of the DS5. Firstly regarding the changes to the engine line up, we see that the factory over in China have included the fitting of a 1.8 litre, petrol unit or your alternative choice is the 1.6 litre, turbo range. We see that the turbo engine see an overall power output of 161 brake horse power. A six speed automatic transmission system also comes along with all engine ranges. Now in regards to some of the new alterations made to the interior of the car itself, we see that Citroen have included a brand new infotainment system for the cabin of the DS5 which is fully touch screen,both the steering wheel and the dashboard used in the car are carried over from the standard DS5 however the addition of chrome striping for the exterior of the car give it a very nice finish in our estimation. Power for the vehicle differs dependent on the engine range you choose. The top spec version of the car however sees a total top speed limit reached of 127 miles per hour which is helped along by the 8.8 seconds in which it takes the vehicle to reach the 62 miles per hour zone from a standstill.


This all new saloon version of the car could very well prove to be a good source of competition for other vehicles that fall in the same category from the likes of Peugeot with the 5008 and other vehicles such as the Renault Megane. So is the price tag that comes along with it worth spending for a DS5 saloon ?.


How much does the new Citroen DS5 variant cost ?


Firstly this car is available only on Chinese markets at this moment in time and a future here in the United Kingdom and across other European markets is uncertain at this moment in time. Regarding the price tag that comes along with the vehicle over in China it equals to around £24,500 here in the UK so expect it to go on sale around that figure if it is to ever arrive over here in Britain.   Citroen DS5 Saloon Easy Gap


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