The five best selling vehicles of 2001
August 22, 2014

This week here at Easy Gap we are taking a look into some of the best selling vehicles from the year 2000 upwards to now here in 2014. Yesterday we brought to you the five very best selling vehicles from the year 2000 and today we have the top five from 2001. In 2001 we seen some vehicles from the previous year maintain some good sales figures and kept on top of the list. We also seen some new additions into the ranking that are still selling in large quantities to this day. We have compiled today's top five list from the bottom at position five to the very top with the most sales of the vehicle throughout the course of 2001. So lets not wait any longer what are the top selling vehicles of the year 2001 ?.


The five vehicles that made an impact in 2001


So starting of our countdown today is one of the most iconic vehicles to ever be released on a global scale. This car has had many different variations go on sale since the very first version of the car was originally launched back in 1974. For the first six months of this year alone the vehicle has sold more units on European car markets than any other vehicle on offer. The car is currently enjoying its third life cycle and comes to you from the German manufacturer Volkswagen.


  1. The Volkswagen Golf

Throughout the existence of Volkswagen we have seen them have some of the very best selling vehicles go on sale around the world. The two vehicles that come into our minds when you mention the name Volkswagen are certainly the Polo and the Golf and both for good reason. On two separate occasions the Volkswagen Golf has been awarded European car of the year in 1992 and last year. This is making good history for the brand as their car is only one of two vehicles that have been crowned European car of the year twice with the other being the Renault Clio.


One of the most recent Golf models to see a release onto our streets came last year and has proven to be a key seller for the manufacturer throughout the course of the past year. A Golf R variant of last years model also went on sale which provides added performance rates to the vehicle. As far as the standard version of the car is concerned though we see that one of the most popular engine choices that customers have purchased on the car was the 2.0 litre, four cylinder,turbo charged engine which sees a total power deliverance of 217 brake horse power. A performance pack is also made available for the car which sees the 217bhp output upgraded to 227 bhp. If you choose however to opt for the R version of the car, you can expect to receive the fitting of a 2.0 litre,four cylinder turbo charged engine which sees 296bhp delivered and is available in four wheel drive. A plug in hybrid version of the car was also put on sale which is know as the E Golf. Prices for the Golf from last year start from £16,330 for the entry level model with prices rising to £24,625 for the range topping Golf. In 2001 we seen a total of 67,099 units of the car sold on European markets alone.
Volkswagen Golf Easy Gap


4.The Renault Clio

The fourth biggest selling vehicle in our list from the year 2001 is the Clio from French manufacturer Renault which in 2001 sold a total of 79,843 units on European markets. The Clio was first produced back in 1990 and is still being manufactured to this day. The model is now in its fourth generation and has seen many different variations released onto world wide markets over the years. Only a year into the vehicles lifespan the car was awarded the European car of the year award in 1991 and achieved the same award again back in 2006.

The latest Clio model to be released onto our roads came in 2012 and is offered with a range of different engines but no three door version of the car is available only a five door. Some of the main changes that were made to the 2012 edition of the car compared to other additions were located inside the car which saw with new technological advancements. As far as the engine range that went on sale with the car goes some of the more popular choices amongst drivers were the 1.2 litre petrol which produces 75 brake horse power and the 1.5 litre dCI which seen the same output of 90 brake horse power that the three cylinder,0.9 litre engine delivered on. The most powerful and top of the range engine to go on sale with the 2012 Clio though was the 1.6 litre,turbo charged engine. A power output of 197 brake horse power comes out of this engine which helps boost the car when it comes to the leap from zero to 62 miles per hour which occurs in just 6.7 seconds. The Clio for many years now has proven to be a top flight source of competition for the likes of the Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Polo and we think that technological advancements such as LED daytime running lights,an all new interior central screen and a built in sat nav system help maintain the Clio as a top contender on European markets. Prices for this version of the Renault Clio brand new start of at £10,795 with the range topper coming in at £17,595.
Renault Clio Easy Gap


  1. The Peugeot 206

Making its way into the top three part of the list now, we take a look at a vehicle that was produced from 1998 and ended production in 2010. The vehicle comes to you from the minds over at the French firm Peugeot and was the 206. After production of the vehicle was ended we seen it replaced with the 207 model but the 206 certainly made an impact during its time on the production line. During its last year on the market, the 206 was the best selling Peugeot model at the time and proved to be a key purchase on European markets with a total number 97,887 units being sold over the course of 2001 on European markets alone. Later on into the lifespan of the 206 we seen the addition of the 206+ model which seen new changes made to the suspension system and the gearbox also. Many different variations of the 206+ went on sale which seen the additions of a three door and five door hatchback,an estate and a four door saloon version of the car also.


Sadly as previously stated, the 206 is no longer made available in Europe this is due to a higher demand for vehicle models such as the 208 and the 207.
Peugeot 206 Easy Gap


  1. The Vauxhall Astra

Just missing out on the top spot in our top five list is the second best selling car of the year 2001 which comes to you from the minds over at Vauxhall and makes its way to you in the shape and form of the Astra. The Vauxhall Astra is currently produced in the companies factory in Ellesmere Port Merseyside and has certainly proven to be a key seller for the mass manufacturer since the very first version of the car was originally launched back in 1979. The vehicle is still in production to this day and is still proving to be a key seller for the brand across numerous countries world wide. The latest Astra is currently in its sixth generation with the latest version of the car being introduced to the world back in 2010. During the course of that year in Europe the Astra was named the best selling car of the month of June in which it sold a total of 10,000 units which was over 50% more sales than the Ford Focus at that time. Throughout the course of the year 2001, the Astra was at that time in its fourth generation and sold a total of 98,999 for the whole year. The success of the Astra has came flooding in over the years and as of 2007 we now see the Metropolitan Police force use MK4 and MK5 versions of the car for daily duties.
Vauxhall Astra Easy Gap


  1. The Ford Focus

Now reaching our number one spot in the top selling vehicles of the year 2001, we see one of the finest selling vehicles that the American manufacturer Ford have ever put on sale. Of course the vehicle in question is the Ford Focus. Throughout the course of 2001 we seen the Ford Focus sell a total amount of 137,074 units on European markets. The very first version of the Focus was introduced into the world back in 2008 and is still proving to be a key seller for the mass manufacturer still to this day. The Focus has proven to be that much of a key addition to Fords success that the vehicle is used as a touring car for many sports and has also been a proud member of the world rally championship since 1999.


One of the latest versions of the Ford Focus sees a range of engines come on offer which include both diesel and petrol variants. The latest version of the car also comes fitted with the companies new 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine which has proven to be a popular seller amongst many drivers. There are six different trim levels available with the Focus which include Studio and Edge which are the entry level vehicles,the Zetec and the Zetec S come as the two mid range vehicles and finally topping the range is the inclusions of the Titanium and Titanium X trim levels. A lot of standard equipment also comes along with the Focus which we see include a built in sat nav system,USB connectivity,Bluetooth and a DAB digital radio also. As far as the price range is concerned for the Ford Focus, we see the latest version of the car come in at the cheapest price of £13,995 for the entry level versions with the range topping Titanium models coming in at £25,750.
Ford Focus Easy Gap


What kind of an impact did these vehicles make on the car market ?


So if we take a look back at these five best selling vehicles of 2001,the majority of these models are still producing great sales rates even in this generation. The Golf is the best selling vehicle on European markets for the first six months of this year which shows the amount of great success the car still benefits from and the Focus is still a fantastic selling vehicle also. The Astra is perhaps one of the biggest though as we see that this year Astra models are most commonly used as taxi vehicles here in the UK. With the success that these vehicles have achieved during 2001 and upwards we think that an impact was definitely made in 2001 and we still see much of the same year in and year out from the same car companies.  



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