The best selling vehicles in the UK of 2002
August 26, 2014

Over the past few days here at Easy Gap we have been taking a look into some of the best selling vehicles in the United Kingdom and today we carry on with a look into some of the best selling vehicles throughout the course of 2002. Some of the vehicles included in this list were also a part of the 2001 years best sellers. Some statistics for 2002 models also show the increase in sales rates compared to that of the previous year. A lot of these vehicles included in today's line up are still big sellers today twelve years on with some of these cars standing out as the main vehicles on sale for their respective manufacturers. So what are some of these big sellers from 2002 that changed the face of the automotive industry for many years to come ?.


The vehicles that made an impact in 2002 and their sales figures


So starting of our list here is a vehicle addition from the German manufacturer Volkswagen which has proven to be one of the finest cars available around the world for many years now. This vehicle was also one of the United Kingdoms best sellers for the previous year and in this year alone has proven to be the biggest selling vehicles on European markets for the first six months of 2014. The very first version of this car first made an impact on the world when the first generation model was launched in 1974. As recent as last year proved to be great year for this vehicle as it achieved the award of world car of the year for 2013 and also gained the award for European car of the year for the second time in its history. With a total of 72,362 units sold in UK throughout the course of 2002 we see the welcome addition of...


The Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is definitely one of the VW brands biggest selling vehicles of all time. Now currently in its seventh generation, this vehicle has proven to be an ideal car whether you're going for a trip around the town are going for a long drive with the family. Other ideal features of the car are also that it is quite compact which makes it good for parking making those sharp turns. It has given out some much heated competition for other manufacturers in the past such as Ford, Vauxhall and Renault amongst many more and has certainly proven to be one of the most recognised vehicles from Volkswagen all around the globe. Some of the key features that came along with the Golf from 2002 included the likes of a stainless steel exhaust,a standard five speed manual transmission system,a front strut suspension system and four wheel disc brakes.


There were also a lot of safety features that found their way into the Golf for that year. Some of these safety systems included were a low battery warning,a low fuel warning system,oil pressure warning,anti lock brakes,daytime running lights and front seatbelt pre-tensioners. As you may have guessed by now, the Golf 2002 model can mostly be purchased second hand now with prices mostly rising from around the £1,200 area upwards.
Volkswagen Golf Easy Gap


Next up in our line up of the best selling vehicles of 2002, we take a look into a car which has recently been stated as the best selling car in the United Kingdom of all time. The very first generation of this car was put on sale around the world back in 1976 and still to this day is one of the biggest sellers on UK markets and a vehicle that has brought in some well deserved success for it's respective manufacturer. The car sold a total of 93,591 units in the UK alone throughout the duration of 2002 and has won many awards in the past including super mini car of the year 2013, car of the year 1989 and the same for 2009 and also became Australia's best small car for 2004. The vehicle we are talking about here is...


The Ford Fiesta

Over the years we have seen the Ford Fiesta come in various different trim levels which include the likes of the Studio,Zetec,Zetec S,Titanium and the range topping Titanium X. In 2002 the MK V version of the Fiesta was officially launched and it came in the shape of a five door variant. Engine ranges for that years model included a 1.3 litre,1.6 litre and a 1.4 Duratorq TDCi diesel engine option. The Fiesta has always proven to be one of the best selling vehicles all around the world and in 2009 it officially overtook the Ford Focus as the best selling car.


One of the more popular choices of trim levels when it comes down to the Fiesta is the Zetec range. This particular addition to the Fiesta line up includes additional features such as heated door mirrors,air conditioning as standard,remote central locking,USB connectivity,a hill launch assist system and a neat safety feature to come along with the car is the fitting of seven airbags. Recently the Fiesta was offered with the manufacturers brand new Ecoboost engine which carries 1.0 litres. Power developments between the engine ranges start from 60 brake horse power in total ranging upwards to 180 bhp for the Fiesta ST which is the biggest in the range of Fiesta models.
Ford Fiesta Easy Gap


Another one of the big selling vehicles to be launched onto our streets here in the United Kingdom is the addition of the Clio from French manufacturer Renault. The very first Clio model was first introduced to the world back in 1990 and is still going strong today as one of the finest selling city cars on offer around the world. The Clio is currently in it's fourth life cycle which began in 2012. Since the launch of the first Clio model in 1990 the vehicle has been a part of the top selling cars in the world on a yearly basis ever since. Throughout 2002 we seen the Clio sell a total of 86,337 units in the UK. As stated one of the latest versions of the Clio to go on sale was back in 2012 and we see that this particular model comes with the benefits of a range of engines which differ from a entry level 1.2 litre unit which develops 75 units of brake horse power. A range of turbo charged engines also come along with the Clio which see the additions of a 0.9 TCe petrol and a 1.5 litre dCI which produces 90 bhp. The range topping engine line up to come along with the Clio consists of the 1.6 litre,turbo charged engine which sees a power development of 197 brake horse power which helps the car along when it comes to making the sprint from 0 to 62mph in just 6.7 seconds.


Its not just the engine range of the car that give it an advantage over some other city cars though, we also see that the latest generation of the Clio has also seen the additions of LED daytime running lighting,a built in seven inch tablet screen,an all new gloss black trim and alloy wheels also come along with the car as standard. Other trim levels are also available at the time of purchase which see additional equipment including the likes of 17 inch alloy wheels, rear parking sensors,climate control and electric windows. An entry level version of the fourth generation model sells for £10,795 where as if you are more interested in the high range topping model, you can expect to pay a cost of £17,595.
Renault Clio Easy Gap


Now climbing high up in the rankings for 2002 is a vehicle which has brought much brand recognition to the Vauxhall company. This car made it into the best selling cars in the UK for the previous year of 2001 also. The very first version of this car was produced in 1979 and is still being manufactured to this day. In another hint at the vehicle in question, the model is currently in its sixth generation of vehicle and has been produced in the brands Ellesmere Port plant in Merseyside along side factories in Germany,Belgium and Poland also. The vehicle we are referring to...


The Vauxhall Astra

The Astra officially went on record for the second best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom for 2002. Throughout the course of the year, the Astra sold a grand total of 102,107 units and has won awards over the years such as the best sporting car in 2012. Many variants of the vehicle have seen a grand launch over the years and even the Metropolitan police often use the Astra as their vehicle. One of the latest versions of the car to go on sale


Over the course of the cars 35 year history, we have seen it go head to head in the past with other big selling models around the world such as the Golf from Volkswagen and the Seat Leon. The line up of Astra models consist of both three door and five door variants with separate trim levels offering additional pieces of equipment as the range broadens. Both petrol and diesel engines are available with the Astra with the majority of ranges varying from deliverance of 108bhp to 192 brake horse power. Some key features over the years which have proven to be key selling points for the car include the fittings of air conditioning as standard, electric windows and auxiliary sockets. The latest range of Astra model starts from the entry level models which sell for £12,995 with prices for the range topping Astra rising to £25,285.

Vauxhall Astra Easy Gap


The Ford Focus

Now making its way into the top spot of our list is the Ford Focus. The Ford Focus was officially the best selling vehicle of the 2002 year and has proven to be one of the very finest vehicles ever produced by the American manufacturer. The Focus was originally introduced to the world back in 1998 and is still in production to this day in its third generation of vehicle. The third generation model was put on sale three years ago now with one of the biggest and best sellers from the line up being the ST model which was introduced in 2012. The vehicle is also up to date when it comes down to technological advancements as we have seen the Focus be introduced to the world in the form of an all electric car with the first set of deliveries arriving back in December of 2011. Six different trim levels are made available for the Focus which feature both diesel and petrol variants and the companies new Ecoboost engine range. Price ranges from the latest Ford Focus model begin at an entry level price tag of £13,995 with the highest price range coming in at £25,750. The Focus was also the best selling vehicle in 2001 and it did it again here in the UK in 2002 with total of 151,209 units of the car being sold.
Ford Focus Easy Gap



What lasting impact did these vehicles make on the car market ?


Without a doubt in our minds, the vehicles listed above have certainly made an impact on the car market to this day and will no doubt continue to do so in the near future. The likes of the Focus is still one of the Ford companies biggest selling models available to this day. The Golf still continues to dominate markets outside of the UK too with the Renault Clio being one of the finest city cars on offer today and the Astra being one of the most commonly used vehicles as a taxi today. Perhaps the biggest telling statistic of them all though is that the Fiesta is officially the best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom ever.  


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