The five best Japanese made motorcycles available around the world
August 28, 2014

It is a well known fact that some of the best made motorbikes available around the world today come from Japanese manufacturers. Japan has always been one of the worlds leaders when it comes to a range of different things such as computers,gadgets, cars and of course motorbikes. The motorbike production over in Japan has been headlined for many many years now by various manufacturers such as Honda,Kawasaki,Yamaha and Suzuki. These top four brands have proven to be ideal sources of competition for one another over the years and still are to this very day perhaps now more than ever. As technological advancements have taken their toll over the years all four of these big brands have kept up with one another on the fight to the top of the motorbike ladder. Its not just competition from each other though as we have also seen these brands take on competition from Italian brand Ducati,Aprillia and Triumph amongst many more. So what gave the four big Japanese brands that added edge over anything else that has ever been brought into the world over the years ?. Well today we have constructed a list of five of the very best motorbikes to be developed by Japanese brands which involve the four brands listed above.


Five of the very best Japanese made motorbikes on the market right now



Honda SP1


So firstly starting off our countdown into the motorbike world today, we are pleased to bring the SP1 model in from Japanese car and motorbike manufacturer Honda. This SP1 model has been made available around the world since the year 2000 when production began on the bike and was produced right up until 2003. The SP1 is one of the sportiest machines that has ever been brought into the motorbike market and Honda are well known for this line up of motorbike. The original SP1 model came fully fitted with a 999cc engine and developed a total of 133 brake horse power. Thanks to the strong engine used in the bike a total top speed of 170 miles per hour was achieved. It was nothing but for the best in terms of features for the SP1 also as the Japanese bike firm also included the fitting of a Showa suspension system,retuned brakes alloy components and twin 320mm disc brakes. A range of 110 miles would be achievable from the SP1 which on a full tank would carry 18 litres of fuel. You can still find brand new models of the SP1 in some Honda dealerships around the world and if you are lucky enough to find one here in the United Kingdom you can expect to pay a cost of £9,399.
Honda SP1 Easy Gap


The Yamaha R1


The next motorbike to reach our line up today is a very special motorcycle indeed. We welcome in with open arms the addition of the Yamaha R1. The R1 has been one of the flagship motorbikes that the manufacturer are well remembered for. The bike over the years has brought in some top flight competition going up against other well known machines such as the Suzuki GSXR line up, the Kawasaki Ninja range and the Fireblade from Honda. The very first R1 model was first introduced into the global motorbike world back in 1998 and is currently in its seventh generation. The choice of R1 we have cast our attention to today is one of the latest models that was produced in 2009 and maintained production until 2011. This version of the bike proved to be one of the finest ever made available on a global scale. The 2009 to 2011 model consisted of a comfortable riding experience, good all round power and some stunning looks. We seen the power aspect come into play when during the production time on the bike, Yamaha included the fitting of a 998cc engine which seen a top speed of 182 miles per hour reached which was helped to its target by the 10.3 seconds in which it took the bike to travel a quarter of a mile. A power deliverance of 179bhp was also included as part of the package. From a full tank of 18 litres of fuel, the R1 would see a range of 160 miles in total. Another key selling point which made the bike worth owning also was the adjustable front and rear suspension system that was included. Six piston brake callipers, adjustable footpegs,a slipper clutch and a lot of titanium features not only made the bike something special to ride but also something special to look at too. Brand new versions of this R1 variant can still be found today in certain Yamaha dealerships and showrooms across the length of the United Kingdom and it can be purchased for a price tag of £13,399.
Yamaha R1 Easy Gap


The Kawasaki ZX 10R


Coming into the top three positions now of Japanese motorbikes on offer and we see the inclusion of a motorbike that has proven for many years to be a key ingredient to the success of the Kawasaki brand for a long time and the bike in question is the ZX 10R. The version of this bike we are referring to today is the current generation which was first produced in 2011. The ZX 10R is a part of the brands Ninja line up which has proven to be the ideal contender against the GSXR line up from rival company Suzuki. The production of the very first ZX 10R was begun in 2004 and since then we have seen a total of six different variations of the bike go on sale. For both of 2004 and 2005 the ZX 10R won superbike of the year. The ZX 10R is indeed something special as not only do the different variants of the bike come with a liquid cooling system it also comes along with a coolant system for the oil tank in the bike too. The latest version of the bike can be found with the fitting of a 998cc engine which in total will reach an overall top speed of 184 miles per hour with a power output coming in the form of 197 brake horse power. The standard Kawasaki 17 litre fuel tank comes along with the latest version of the ZX 10R and a fully adjustable front and rear suspension system is also thrown in for good measure. Four piston brake callipers come for the front of the bike and at the rear of the machine you can expect to find a single piston calliper. ABS comes as standard with the latest ZX 10R and traction control is also included. A brand new version of the bike from production years 2011 to present can be took home from your local Kawasaki dealership for a grand total of £12,999.
Kawasaki ZX 10R Easy Gap


The Suzuki GSX 1400


Coming in strong here at the second place spot in our countdown today is a very powerful bike that has seen of much competition over the years from various manufacturers around the world. The very first version of this bike was put on sale from 2001 and production on the bikes overall ended in 2008. It comes to you from the minds over at the popular car and motorbike company Suzuki and it certainly has a name that will be remembered for many years to come. Taking its pride of place at number two today is the GSX1400. The specific version of this motorbike we are talking about today was produced from 2001 up until the year 2006. It shared similar looks to that of the Bandit model from the same manufacturer and packed a lot of comfort and a good amount of power. The model version from 2001 until 2006 included the fitting of a 1402cc engine which produced an all round power output of 105 brake horse power and was therefore capable of reaching top speeds of up to 145 mph. Power was certainly demonstrated by this machine as we saw it do a quarter of a mile in a good steady time of only 11.3 seconds and would hit an average mileage cap of around 200 miles thanks to the huge 22 litre fuel tank that came along for the ride. A preloaded front and rear suspension system came along with the GSX1400 and a standard six speed transmission system also made the cut. It can prove to be quite difficult to find a brand new version of the motorbike on new markets in this age but the average selling price of a second hand version of the bike usually goes for around the £3,000- £4,000 area.

Suzuki GSX 1400 Easy Gap


The Honda CBR 1000RR (2008-2009 model)


Today we have a very special motorbike coming in at the top spot which is one of the most recognised motorbikes to ever be launched onto our roads. The brand in charge of this machine is perhaps the most famous motorbike brand on the planet Honda. The motorbike that has reached our number one spot is of course the CBR 1000RR model or as many of you might know it as the Fireblade. Production of the very first CBR 1000RR was begun in 2004 and is still going strong to this day. Over the course of the bikes history, we have seen seven versions of the bike go on sale but the one we focus our attention on today is the version from 2004 onwards. The Fireblade is well known for providing strong levels of comfort, a decent power output and just a good all round riding experience. With bikes like this it is not hard to see why Honda are one of the most respected brands around the world today. In terms of the power aspect of the Fireblade we seen that Honda included the fitting of a 999cc engine which seen a top speed reached of 179 miles per hour and in total delivered on 175 units of brake horse power. The engine on the CBR 1000RR came completely liquid cooled and a fuel injection system was also included. As standard a six speed transmission came along with the 04 Fireblade and a 17.7 litre fuel tank capacity was also brought into play. A brand new version of the CBR 1000RR can still be found in your local Honda showroom/dealership and we are pleased to deliver on the good news that a price tag of £9,300 comes along with the machine.
Honda CBR 1000 RR Easy Gap


How popular did these bikes make their respective designers ?


Well the success of all four of these Japanese brands goes without saying. They are the most recognised companies in both the motorbike and car world today. Many of the manufactures have seen success over the years with the likes of Honda in the car world with the Civic and Suzuki with the Swift. The motorbike world has also been dominated by these manufacturers and if there is one certainty in the motorbike industry that is that you can expect to see some more big selling motorbikes of this nature be released by the brands in the upcoming years. Other motorbike companies have not had it all plain sailing over the years and with so much going on in technological advancement over the years other brands will continue to have a big fight on their hands with Japanese motorbike firms.  


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