The best selling vehicles in the UK for 2005
August 29, 2014

Today here at Easy Gap we are counting down some of the very best selling models of the year 2005. Over the past week here at Easy Gap we have been going through some of the best selling vehicles in the United Kingdom year by year. We started of at the year 2000 and now we have reached 2005. 2005 was an interesting year for the automotive industry as the sales throughout the course of the year went on record as being the fifth best year for the automotive industry. A big amount of sales on vehicles occurred in the last month of December with the majority of these sales coming from sales on cars for businesses. A total 25 percent increase was recorded for the last month of the year. Our countdown today sees the return of a few familiar faces which are still well known and produced even to this day, so without further or do lets get into the last countdown of the week.


The five cars that dominated the UK in 2005



BMW 3 Series


So starting of our countdown today we see the welcome addition of the 3 series line up from German car manufacturer BMW. The very first generation of this car was first released around the world in 1975 and is currently in its sixth generation of vehicle with the latest version of the car being launched in 2012. The latest version of the car has been made available in a total of four different variations with these consisting of a four door saloon,a five door touring vehicle,a five door Hatchback and finally the five door sports wagon. During the year of 2005 the 3 series would of have been in its fourth generation and came as either a rear wheel drive model of an all wheel drive vehicle. The options of both four and six cylinder engines also went on sale with this life cycle of the 3 series. Four different variations of the car also went on sale between 1998 and 2006 which were the two door coupe, two door convertible, four door saloon and the five door touring version of the car. The year of 2005 certainly proved to be a busy one for the BMW 3 series as a grand total of 434,342 models were produced around the world with 44,844 units of the car being sold here in the United Kingdom.
BMW 3 Series Easy Gap


The Peugeot 206


Next up in our countdown today is a vehicle from French manufacturer Peugeot which began its production in 1998 and ended in 2010. This car has made it into the top selling UK vehicles list before 2005 and at one point in time was the best selling vehicle that the Peugeot brand had on offer. After production ended in 2010 a version of the car named the 206+ was released here on European markets and was produced until 2012. The main big changes between that of the standard 206 and the + version of the car was that exterior changes for the front and rear end of the car were made to make the car look more dynamic than ever before. The first 206 model was the keen seller out of the two though as throughout the course of 2005 we saw the vehicle sell a grand total of 67,450 units here in the United Kingdom. Over the course of the 206's life cycle we seen a total of fourteen engine variations go on sale with the car with ten of these coming as a petrol unit and the other four diesels. The 206 model was only made available as a front wheel drive car and five variations of the vehicle went on sale over its time in production. In 2010 the 206 was confirmed to be Peugeot's best selling vehicle of all time.

Peugeot 206 Easy Gap



The Volkswagen Golf


Now ranging in at our third place spot today is a vehicle which has proven to be one of the very best selling cars around the world for many years now. The vehicle in question is one of the most recognisable models to be ever released by the German car manufacturer Volkswagen and it has certainly withstood the tests of time ever since we first seen the model arrive on the streets back in 1974. In total there have been seven generations of the car to go on sale over the years with the most recent version of the car arriving just last year. The Golf is made available as both a three door and five door variant During the 2005 year, the Polo would have been enjoying its fifth life cycle on our roads and benefited from a range of turbo charged engines which proved to be key sellers on European markets. The latest generation Golf was awarded the world car of the year award for last year when it also took the award for European car of the year for the second time. Only two vehicles have been awarded this achievement twice and that is the Golf of course with the other vehicle being the Renault Clio. For many years the Golf has proven to dominate the car market on a global scale and has seen of much competition from the city car sector over its years. The vehicle is still going just as strong today as it was when it was first launched and for the first six months of this year it was confirmed to be the best selling car on European markets. Throughout the year of 2005 we seen the Golf sell a grand total of 67,749 units on UK markets alone.
Volkswagen Golf Easy Gap



The Vauxhall Astra


The runner up when it comes down to vehicle sales in the UK for the year 2005,was the addition of the Astra from British brand Vauxhall. We first seen the Vauxhall Astra make its presence felt in 1979 which was when the very first generation of the car was developed from the companies Ellesmere Port plant in Merseyside. Over the years we have seen six generations of the car be released right around the world with 2005 being a very successful year for the vehicle which at that stage in time was in the midst of its fifth life cycle. Three versions of the car went on sale from the years 2004-2010 which covered the third generation production time and these were the inclusions of the five door hatchback,the five door estate version and finally the Sport hatch model. A total of six petrol engines went on sale for this version of the Astra whereas we saw the additions of three diesel units. This fifth generation of the Astra was the very first time that the car had received a five star rated safety rating from NCAP. Reliability has also proven to be a key factor for the Astra. This has been demonstrated by various job roles using the vehicle over the years with the most well known being taxi drivers and the police force. The Astra in 2005 celebrated with a total amount of 108,461 units of the car being sold here in the UK for that year.
Vauxhall Astra Easy Gap



The Ford Focus


It was in 2005 that the Ford Focus was voted as the best selling UK car for the seventh straight year. In perhaps a more impressive figure though, the Focus for the 2005 year was the best selling vehicle for every month over the course of 2005. A total of 145,010 units of the car were sold throughout the course of this year. It was during this time that the car was in its second generation of vehicle and it was offered as both a three door and five door hatchback and estate version. Some of the key differences between the second and first generation model were that boot space and interior space was vastly increased and a lot of new technology was also introduced with this model. Some of the technological features of the car were found in the additions of adaptive front lighting,Bluetooth connectivity and a climate control system. An ST version of the car was also introduced to the world as the highest spec range model of the car. An all round top speed of 152 miles per hour with the 0 to 60 miles per hour sprint being achieved by this version of the car in a total time of only 6.4 seconds. The Focus has certainly proven to be one of the finest sellers that the Ford brand has ever put on sale along side the likes of the Fiesta which earlier this year was named the best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom of all time. The Ford Focus is certainly close to this achievement itself. It just went to show that for seven straight years as the best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom, the Ford brand certainly shown that they know what it is that customers are looking for in the perfect all round car. This is still demonstrated to this day as the Focus is still just as popular today as it has been in the past.
Ford Focus Easy Gap



Leaving a lasting impression on the car market for the future


We definitely think that it is safe to say that each of the cars listed above certainly left a lasting impression on the future of the car market as in this day and age these vehicles are still proving to be key sellers around the world. Many variations of these cars have made it onto our streets over the years and have proven to be just as successful across other various countries world wide aswell as the UK and European markets. Perfect combinations of both city car and and family style vehicles are represented in 2005's biggest selling vehicles and these cars certainly proved to be influential on the future production of vehicles as is demonstrated today.  


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