How Easy Gap can save your money
August 30, 2014
Are you just getting ready to take delivery of your new 64 plate car in the next few days? We are sure you are excited at the prospect. However the process of buying a car these days can be somewhat more complicated by the process employed by motor dealers. Go back 30 years and all you would have to worry about is making sure you take the cash out of the bank to take to the dealer for the new car.

How times have changed.

The process of buying a car is now accompanied by a range of payment methods and additional products. Have you been offered any of the following?

  • Gap Insurance
  • Tyre Insurance
  • Scratch and Dent Minor repair insurance
  • Alloy Wheel Insurance
These are all common additional insurance products offered by motor dealers these days, and sometimes at quite an additional cost. too.

Now of course Easy Gap is one of the longest established Gap Insurance brands in the online market. Our products have been independently 5 Star rated for features in 2014, as they were in 2013. Also the Easy Gap products have been featured on the Which? report for Gap Insurance since 2012.

At Easy Gap we would think it is fair to say we understand Gap Insurance, but we can help with an awful lot more.

You see Easy Gap is just one of a number of brands operated by Aequitas Automotive Ltd. Also in the same 'stable' are other leading Gap Insurance names like GapInsurance123 and As with Easy Gap, GapInsurance123 is also a specialist Gap Insurance facility. However combined a range of Gap Insurance products with other products such as Tyre Insurance, Alloy Wheel Insurance and Scratch and Dent cover.

Then we also have our newest facility, and dedicated tyre insurance website at

Behind the scenes we also access to a number of further products via the Aequitas Automotive wholesale platform BMPro. This system is used by ourselves, and a number of motor dealers, insurance brokers, leasing companies and finance brokers, to access a range of products from a number of underwriters.

Why do we do this when other providers offer only one solution? That is easy, choice!

By not tying ourselves to one underwriter or one provider with only one solution, we can give you meaningful comparisons with a number of products.

We know that other providers say they understand other products in the market, but how can they when they have no idea of how claims are handled, or settlements made? In truth, and if they were honest about it, all they can do is interpret a policy wording at best. Without the knowledge of working with the underwriter and claims teams involved all their assumptions can only be based on guess work, and of course this could be swayed by bias.

At Easy Gap we avoid talking about other people's products for this reason. We will be too busy telling about ours anyway!

By having multiple options for Gap Insurance, and other associated products, we are able to 'mix and match' to provide the very best value on a package of products if you wish.

For example, we had an enquiry from a new 64 plate vehicle owner this week, buying a very nice £40,000 prestige car. The gentlemen in question had been offered three products from his motor dealership with the following premiums:

3 year Return to Invoice Gap - £599
3 year Alloy Wheel Insurance - £499
3 years Tyre Insurance - £499

That makes a grand total of £1597 (yes you did read that right)

By comparing our range of brands and products we were able to offer the following quote for equivalent products

3 year Return to Invoice - £147 (from Easy Gap)
3 year Alloy Wheel Insurance - £99 (from Shortfall)
3 year Tyre Insurance - £240 (from TyreInsurance123)

That gave a total of £486, and that is only just over 30% of the cost the motor dealer was offering, a saving of £1111, and a total cost for all three products that was below the cost of the cheapest single product from the dealer.

Can you see the advantage of using Easy Gap?

We work very hard at our relationships with our panel of insurers. This ensures that not only do we have keen premium prices and policy features, but also we monitor claims that are made, and ensure that process times are kept to a minimum in each case.

There are a number of other providers of Gap Insurance especially in the market today. However, we believe Aequitas Automotive offer you a unique opportunity, not found elsewhere. We can offer you a choice, an unbiased comparison and we hope the very best products in the UK.

So if you do think Easy Gap is just about Gap Insurance, we could give you quite a pleasant surprise.

If you have been offered the likes of Gap Insurance, Tyre Insurance, Scratch and Dent Insurance or Alloy Wheel Insurance then why don't you get a comparison quote from us? We could end up saving you a small fortune!


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