Top 10 most stolen cars in the UK
November 26, 2012
We all know someone who has had either their car broken into or stolen. I in fact know someone who had their car window smashed just because they left their cigarettes on the dashboard and thieves walking past obviously wanted them, they were the only thing taken. Something as trivial as this could literally be the difference between your car getting broken into or not. It is important to always secure your belongings, no car is really safe.

Most Stolen Cars in the UK 2012

This is a list of the most recently documented most frequently stolen vehicles in the UK. So watch out if you happen to own one of these.



6.Mercedes-Benz SL

2.Range Rover

7.Mercedes-Benz CLK

3.BMW M3

8.Porsche 911

4.Audi's RS4

9.Volkswagen Golf

5.Audi TT

10.Mercedes-Benz ML

There appears to be quite a pattern here, with Mercedes showing up thrice in the list, with BMW and Audi both showing up twice. Most people will admit that they know at least one person who owns one of the vehicles in the list above. Some of the things you can do to protect your car and belongings may seem ridiculous and trivial, things you never believe you would forget to do, however it is surprising how many people actually forget to do the most simple things when it comes to protecting their motor.

Taking basic measures is essential, always ensure your windows and sunroof are closed, this may sound silly to you, but you never know if the children have been messing about with buttons when you haven't been looking. Always remember to lock all of your doors, another order you are probably thinking is a joke, however with heavy workloads and other things on your mind, you would be surprised how many people leave their car doors unlocked.

Always remove any valuables from the car and take anything inside with you that you believe could possibly leave you at risk of vehicle theft. For example cigarettes, as pointed out earlier, basic change or money of any sort, clothing that may seem appealing, jewellery, shopping bags, all of the usual things that may cause an onlooking thief to break in. Also, if for whatever reason there are no parking spaces left outside your home, or you find yourself parking in an unfamiliar road, try to ensure that you are parked in a street which will attract passers-by and is well lit, so your car is always in view of someone if a thief strikes. Newer cars are extremely likely to have been fitted with an immobiliser, so ensure you are using it.

These are all measures that slim down the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen, however we are not naïve and it is important to realise that sometimes even if the highest measures of security are being taken, sometimes there just is no stopping a thief once they set their eye on something, so always be prepared for the worst. Always ensure that you are fully insured with your motor insurance, which allows you to drive freely on the road and also Gap insurance, which could be the difference between you being thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Don't feel rest assured if your vehicle is not on the above list, these are only the most stolen cars that have been documented recently. Your car is at much at risk as anyone else’s, thieves do not tend to follow numbers and can be completely unsuspecting. If your car seems to be an easy target then it's more than likely they will strike. Please be careful when it comes to your vehicle security and in case of a theft, always remember that your insurance along with Gap Insurance, can ensure that you are returned with the correct sum of money you may require. Many people believe this is promised with only motor insurance, it is in fact untrue, as your motor insurance only reimburses the amount your car is worth on the day. This figure, depending on how long you have had the vehicle for, would have more than likely depreciated in value. This may be one of the most compelling reasons to protect yourself with Gap Insurance.


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