Five of the finest quality scooters on offer today
September 22, 2014

Today here at Easy Gap we are taking a look into the motorcycle industry and a sector that has increasingly grown more and more popular over the years especially amongst younger riders. We are today looking at some of the very best scooter models available on the market right now. We have constructed a list of five of the most popular and biggest selling scooters available around the world right now and a range of manufacturers from Honda to Yamaha amongst many more are included in our top five countdown today. Scooters are a popular choice amongst younger riders who have just passed their test or are currently learning which is why we have included some smaller engine models in this line up but they are however popular amongst experienced riders too which is why we have thrown in some bigger engine models into the line up also. So with a look into some of the finest scooters on the market in terms of popularity and sales figures, lets begin.


Five of the finest scooters to spend your money on


  1. The Honda NSC50R


Our fifth ranking scooter today and kicking the countdown of is the addition of the NSC50R from the Honda brand. This scooter is an addition to Honda's Vision scooter line up which has been in development since 2011. The scooter contains some great features for younger riders which include an automatic transmission system. Across the range of Vision models from Honda, we see either the 49cc or 108cc engine come into play. This particular model included the 49cc engine which comes joined by an air cooling system. An electronic fuel injection system is also thrown into the mix and an electronic starter come with the NSC50R as standard. A V Belt final drive also comes into play here. Five spoke cast aluminium wheels make this Scooter very lightweight when it comes down to handling and overall performance rates. A combined braking system and telescopic forks with a set of hydraulic dampers are also thrown in with the bike as standard. The scooter also looks great as it is made available in a total of three different paint schemes which include White,Silver and Red,Yellow and Black. The Samsung decals that are also included along side of the machine also help it stand out very well. Prices for the newest version of the Scooter from this year come in at around £1,699.


  1. Kawasaki J300


Now our next scooter to be included in the line up today comes to us courtesy of the Japanese brand Kawasaki and makes its way to us in the shape and form of the new J300 model. This model benefits from some good features like comfort, a decent rate of power and great looks. As far as the design scheme of the bike is concerned, we see that the J300 is made available in two paint schemes which consist of Metallic Black and Silver. This is one of the more powerful additions to our countdown today as we see the addition of a 300cc engine which is also liquid cooled. A direct fuel injection system is also thrown into the mix too. A CVT automatic transmission system is a key feature of the J300 as is the twin shock suspension system which is made adjustable in five different ways. Dual piston brake calipers also come along with the J300 located on both the front and rear end of the scooter and a 13 litre fuel tank also comes as standard. The J300 is brand new for 2014 and could very well prove to be one of the best selling scooters on the market for this year if it continues to maintain the level of success that it has achieved so far. If you are wondering how much it would cost you to own a brand new J300, we are delighted to inform you that £4,049 is all that is needed to be a proud owner of a brand new J300.


  1. The Yamaha Aerox R


The Yamaha brand this year have welcomed us to the addition of the brand new Aerox R scooter which is perhaps the most well equipped model in our countdown today. The Aerox R receives some great features much like the J300 which include comfort,power and great styling features. So if we begin with a look into the overall design scheme of the bike, we see that this model is made available in a total of three paint schemes which include the additions of Blue,Red and Grey. All of these design schemes have more White paint in them than the colours stated. They do look great though as these colours are located at the bottom of the bike and run up through the side of the machine. This could be the ideal model for a new rider as it receives a 50cc engine which is completely liquid cooled and comes in the form of a two stroke. A sports design chassis and light body work make this one of the most lightweight and agile riding experiences from a scooter that you could imagine. Both a rider and pillion seat come into play and there is a decent amount of storage located underneath the riders seat which is perfect for putting your helmet in. A steady seven litre fuel tank is also included which could be ideal for a learner getting used to riding as it provides a decent travel distance from a full tank. Prices for the Yamaha Aerox R come in at a cost of £2,199 and we are pleased to make you aware of the great news that this Aerox R model can be purchased right now from your local Yamaha dealership.


  1. The Honda Silverwing


The Silverwing from Honda is perhaps one of the more power orientated machines on our countdown today and we are pleased to bring you the information on this particular model and some of the finest components that have been included with the scooter during production time. The Silverwing is a variation of the Honda brands big selling luxury motorcycle the Goldwing which has been one of if not the most luxurious motorcycles on the market for many years now. Some features of the Goldwing can be seen in the Silverwing like the very comfortable seat. A large screen and an aggressive looking front also help add to the excitement. In regards to some of the more specifics regarding technical features we see a 582cc delivering engine which is also joined alongside by a liquid cooling system. A torque deliverance of 54NM is also delivered from the Silverwing. An electronic starter also comes with the Silverwing as standard. The Silverwing is also very responsive thanks to the electronic fuel injection system that was included during production time. A five step adjustment suspension system and triple spoke cast aluminium wheels also enable the Silverwing to be one of the most lightweight scooters available today. The Honda Silverwing is made available in either Blue, Silver or Black and all three look great in our opinion. The price tag for the Silverwing comes in at £6,999 and this also includes ABS as standard.


  1. The Suzuki Burgman 400Z ABS


The Burgman range is one of the most well known scooter ranges around the world. It comes to us from the Suzuki brand who mastered their craft in all ranges of motorcycle over the years. The addition to the Burgman range that has made it into our number one position today however is the very popular Burgman 400 Z ABS model. During production time we see that the Suzuki brand have included some truly great features in which the scooter sector of the motorcycle industry may have been lacking from in the past. Much like the majority of scooters that have found their place of pride on our countdown today the 400Z truly has it all. Some of the main standout features which caught our eye first were heated handlebar grips and hand guards,a huge amount of storage which comes with 62 litres under the riders seat, two sections of front storage and a digital ABS system is also included as standard. A rather large 400cc engine is brought into play with this Burgman addition and it is liquid cooled. A direct fuel injection system and an electronic starer are two more pieces of standard equipment. Both the CBT transmission system and the tubeless front and rear tyres make the 400Z one of the most agile and power delivering scooters that the Suzuki brand currently has on offer. A generous 13.5 litre fuel tank can also be found on the 400Z. The Burgman 400Z is only made available in the one paint scheme which is Black but we think this looks perfect for such a power based machine. The silver exhaust is also very eye catching thanks to the Black paint job. This scooter can be bought from your nearest Suzuki dealership and if you are wondering how much, we are pleased to inform you that a cost of £6,399 comes along with the model.


Will scooters maintain a good level of success in the future ?


So with that being said, we have seen many great selling and popular scooters make it into our line up today. The bikes respective manufacturers have all achieved much success thanks to these model additions and we believe that if scooters are continued to be developed in this manner for the future then younger riders could very well have some of the finest riding experiences on their first bike alone. Experienced riders have also been treated to a great selection of scooters and we think the scooter range has a very bright future for all riders.  


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