The Volkswagen Up One of the best deals in the UK right now ?
September 22, 2014

The Up model from German manufacturer Volkswagen is one of the biggest selling city cars on offer right now and for such a great performing vehicle in the city car sector, here in Britain there is a good deal on from Volkswagen dealerships which sees the car on offer for 35 monthly payments of £109 with a final payment of £4,099. This is a great deal for the price each month when you look at the kind of car you would be receiving from your payments. The UP is a city car that has proven it has what it takes to remain in the big leagues with other city cars such as the Clio from Renault and many others. What is that makes the UP a special car to own though and why should you decide to spend your hard earned money on this particular vehicle ?.


The key selling points and all round features of the Volkswagen Up


There are some good pieces of equipment that come along with this VW city car which make it even more worthy of the price that Volkswagen are asking for in this deal. A good reliable motor was included with the car during production time. The vehicle runs on the same platform as that of the Mii from Spanish manufacturer Seat and the Citigo model from Skoda. All three of these vehicle are very similar with everything apart from the front and rear exterior design structures as all three were produced in the same plant. Regarding that motor that comes along with the Up though, you can expect to find a lithium ion battery which sees a power output of 81 brake horse power and is also joined by a single speed gearbox. A top speed of 81 miles per hour can also be reached from the car. The vehicle gives out a terrific range from a full charge on the battery as we see the car travelling for a total distance of 93 miles before needing to stop for a recharge.


The additional equipment to come along with the car may seem pretty standard but for the price that Volkswagen are asking we think they are worth the purchase. We see that the car comes with the use of cruise control,a built in sat nav system,air conditioning and ABS all come as standard with this particular vehicle.


Payment deals on the Volkswagen Up


As we said earlier on there are some great deals on the car right now here in Britain with the big one being that £109 monthly payment for thirty five months. A final payment of £4,099 confirms your purchase of the car. Elsewhere you can buy the car via one cash purchase for a sum of £9,670.


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