Infiniti Q80 Inspiration concept vehicle is shown
September 24, 2014

The luxury car division Infiniti who are owned by the Nissan company have officially released a new image of an all new concept vehicle that will be displayed next week at the Paris motor show. The car comes in the form of the Q80 Inspiration and has been stated by Infiniti is destined to see a release in the future. Images of the car show the design structure and how creases and body structures can affect the performance and agility of a car. Paris next week will be full of concept ideas from various manufacturers such as Renault with the Eolab and the Peugeot Quartz. This is going to be one of the biggest years for concept vehicles but, what can the Q80 Inspiration have to offer you that you wont find in any other concept idea right now?.


Parts,accessories and specifications of the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration


So in terms of what is visible from the image of the Q80 that has been revealed, we see that the body structure of the car contains some creases along both the left and right sides and a sloping roof line which will greatly help when it comes to benefiting from an agile and more aero dynamic driving performance. The picture of the car shows it in a silver paint scheme and it is uncertain at the moment as to whether this will be the only paint job made available. Measurements of the Q80 have also been confirmed by the firm and they have announced that the Inspiration concept idea will receive a width of 2,027mm, 1,350mm in height and the car will be 5,052mm long. This equals out at 112mm longer than its rival the Mercedes CLS. Twenty two inch spoke alloy wheels will also find a place on the Q80.


A lightweight driving experience is what is delivered on by the Q80 and we see this take effect thanks to the lightweight materials which have been used which are aluminium and carbon fibre. A fully leather interior will also find a place into the concept machine. Engine details are yet to be revealed by Infiniti but they have confirmed that the vehicle will include a hybrid powertrain which can help to open up the doors to some electric models from the famous Audi company. Other vehicles such as the BMW 6 series are also expected to be a top flight source of competition for the car.


Infiniti declare the day of reveal


The Infiniti brand have confirmed that the car will be officially unveiled for the first time ever from the Paris motor show next and it will be revealed on the 2nd of October. Prices and a potential launch date are unknown at the moment but we may hear more on the situation at the show.  


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