Both Audi and Mercedes dealerships are targeted by thefts
September 25, 2014

Both Audi and Mercedes dealerships here in the UK have recently been targeted by thefts. Both Audi and Mercedes are two of the worlds biggest leaders in the automotive industry and they have achieved a lot of success over the years. Both manufacturers offer some great all round driving experiences on the road which include ranges from estate models to performance vehicles. Performance based cars are a key seller for the Audi manufacturer and it has been reported by police in Scotland that two Audi models were stolen from a dealership in Scotland which combined cost an amount of around the £100,000 figure. Both a Red Audi RS5 and a Blue Audi S5 were stolen from the dealership at around 11pm on the 14th of September. It has been confirmed that both vehicles were brand new and did not have registration plates on them. The location of the dealership is in Aberdeen Scotland.


Mercedes targeted in daytime

A Mercedes showroom in Hertford has also been targeted by thieves and it was targeted in broad daylight. Two E220 Mercedes models were stolen from the dealership and metropolitan police are currently looking at CCTV footage which shows one man who walked into the dealership and took a set of keys. He then proceeded to get into one of the vehicles and drove towards the exit of the dealership. He then returned into the dealership where he took another set of keys and handed them to an accomplice outside in the car park who then proceeded to get into the second E220 model and drove away in an unknown direction. Police have confirmed that the value for the two vehicles come to around £60,000.


Could this be the start of worse things to come for UK showrooms ?

With these two thefts occurring could it spell more trouble for car showrooms here in the UK in the future. Just recently seven men were jailed for an armed raid on a Volkswagen dealership in Leeds which involved machetes. Should more precautions be taken when it comes to displaying vehicles in showrooms and security systems in place?. It was reported earlier on this month by the home office that a third of car thefts in the London area are blamed on hackers, so could this potentially prove to be the case in the Audi and Mercedes thefts which have taken place?.  


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