The Yamaha FZ8 making history on the road?
September 26, 2014

The motorbike firm Yamaha are one of the most well recognised companies within the motorcycle industry around the world. They have achieved much success over the years and have delivered on some ideal riding experiences like the R1 and the R6. As of late the MT range from the Yamaha brand has proven to be one of the most successful ranges around the world with the latest introduction of the MT 125 proving to be an ideal machine too. Today though we are taking a look into a motorbike from the manufacturer which line up was first produced in 2010. The FZ8 or the Fazer as it is often referred to as is one of the most well loved road motorcycles available right now but is it worth the ride?.


The Yamaha FZ8 accessories and specifications to look out for

The latest version of this machine was launched onto our roads just last year and is proving to be a success for the mass manufacturer already. There are some noteworthy changes and features made into this version of the bike too which we see a brand new suspension set up compared to previous additions to the Yamaha FZ line up. A 779cc engine is also included during production time on the model and an all new lightweight frame helps to benefit the FZ8 when it comes to making those sharp turns and overall performance attributes. The brand new suspension system that has been included at both the front and rear of the bike are also fully adjustable. There are however features carried over from the last FZ model which comes as standard across the Yamaha range and these include an electronic fuel injection system, a TCI digital ignition and a six speed constant mesh transmission is also included. Hydraulic disc brakes and a seventeen litre fuel tank help vary the range achieved from the FZ8 in total.

In regards to the overall look and design scheme that you can expect to find in the bike, we see four paint jobs made available for the bike which consist of the standard Yamaha paint schemes. These are Blue, Matt Grey, White and Midnight Black. The main differences between the four are that the Blue version comes with Black front forks where as your alternative three options include gold front forks. Since its official release in 2013, the fz8 has given a good amount of competition for the Speed Triple model from British manufacturer Triumph and the Z750 from Japanese rival Kawasaki. It has also defined a generation of road motorcycles in our opinion although the bike does fall under the category of a supersports machine.


The price of the Yamaha Fazer 8

The bike has been available from Yamaha dealerships for over a year now and is just as successful today as it was when it was first released. If the idea of riding a perfect,good value sports machine is good for you then we are delighted to make you aware that a price of £6,999 comes along with the Fazer 8.  


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