The Citroen C1 Urban ride concept to appear at the Paris motor show
September 30, 2014

French car brand Citroen have officially confirmed that they are developing a brand new C1 concept city car and the good news here is that it will be officially displayed to the public and press alike this week live from the Paris motor show. The C1 is one of finest city cars on the market right now and has been one of Citroen's biggest selling vehicles on the market since it was originally launched back in 2005. The vehicle shares the same features that brought the Toyota Aygo and the Peugeot 107 to the dance as all three vehicles are developed on the same platform. Much more interior space has been a strong focal point from the brand during the design of the car and some new changes to the exterior of the car have also been revealed.


What new features and attractions could bring the C1 Urban ride to production?

Well firstly interior space has been altered vastly as we see that compared to the standard C1 model, the Urban ride concept has received a raised ride height by an extra 15 mm and the track of the car has also been made wider by 10mm. There is currently no word on the engine that will come fitted with the concept idea and it is believed that the vehicle will keep the same engine from the standard C1 model which consists of a 1.0 litre, petrol engine and the optional 1.4 litre diesel.

Now regarding some of the main changes that come along with the car that can be clearly seen from the images released, LED running lights, bigger front and rear bumpers and a brand new set of skid plates will also find a place in the concept idea. It has been revealed that both a hard top and a fabric roof version of the car are in the works which could help to provide a source of rivalry for the new Vauxhall Adam Rocks which will also be displayed this week.


How likely is the car to reach the production line?

It is believed that the car is almost certain to make it into production and go on sale. Citroen are doing things a little differently this time around though as they have confirmed that this week at the Paris motor show, they will have a booth opened up where fans can vote on as to whether or not the car will go into production. If the car is to go into production it is expected that it will officially go on sale from early on into the 2015 year with a price tag to be confirmed closer to the date.  


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