The new Audi A3 Sport the perfect A3 addition to the range?
September 30, 2014

Today we are pleased to report on the launch of a new vehicle from the Audi brand who have just recently launched their latest addition to the A3 line up which makes its way to you in the shape and manner of the A3 Sport. The A3 offers different trim levels for the car in showrooms including the entry level SE and the range topping S Line model. This new Sport addition is the trim level that rests between the two. The body and design structure of the vehicle remains the same as the entry level SE variant with the exceptions of a few features. One of the main changes made to the car for this trim level though and perhaps the items that stand out most is the vast amount of diesel and petrol engines which are on offer to choose from.


What engine units are provided with the A3 Sport?

Three petrol units are made available for the car which list is filled with the additions of a 1.2 litre TFSI which delivers 108 brake horse power. A 1.4 TFSI which power ranges from 120bhp to 138bhp depending on which unit you prefer and your third and final petrol offering is the 1.8 litre which sees power put out of 178 brake horse power.

As far as your selection of diesel units are concerned, there are another three on offer being the 1.6 TDI and a choice of two 2.0 TDI engines. Power differs for the 2.0 between 148 and 181 brake horse power. A six speed S tronic, automatic transmission system is also made available for the car but it comes as an optional extra.

Going back to those differences that can be found within the car, we see 17 inch alloy wheels come as the standard but 18 inch or available as an optional extra. Front fog lights and a chrome trimming are perhaps the two biggest changes compared to that of the SE. With a higher trim also comes along some new interior parts and features including the additions of dual zone climate control, Smartphone connectivity,Bluetooth connectivity and a standard 5.8 inch screen. Vehicles such as the Volvo brand who are responsible for one of the quickest sales on an SUV the XC90 this year are one of the most looked to contenders for the Audi A3 especially when it comes to their V40 model.


How much is the A3 Sport on sale for?


Prices for the A3 Sport begin at £20,125 with prices raising slightly varying on optional extras. In regards to a launch for the vehicle, we are delighted to inform you of the good news that the purchase on the vehicle can be made right now from your local Audi dealership/showroom.  


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