A brand new Yamaha R6 to arrive next year?
October 13, 2014

There are a lot of rumours circulating around right now that are suggesting that throughout the course of next year, we may very well receive a brand new R6 model from the Yamaha brand on our streets here in Britain. Yamaha have proven themselves to be one of the finest designers on the motorbike market right now and in the past have seen off competition from other big game brands such as the Honda firm and Kawasaki amongst others. The R6 however along side the likes of the R1 has proven to be one of the biggest sellers on the market right now for Yamaha. We first seen the R6 make its presence felt in 1998 which was when the first version of the R6 was produced. A standard six speed transmission system is also included with the R6 over the years.


How likely is it that a new R6 will be produced in 2015?

The last set of changes made to the R6 were made back in 2007 and since this time the bike has remained as standard. In regards to changes made to the overall look and design structure of the machine it was in 2005 that this was last altered. So if Yamaha are to produce a brand new R6, will they make changes to the look of the machine just technical specifications?. Yamaha has yet to confirm a brand new engine range let alone the new R6 itself. There is an amount of speculation concerning a rare change to the R6 though which means the fitting of a 675cc triple in line engine range. It could very well be a variant of the engine that can be found right now in the brands big selling MT 09 model. Honda have delivered on perhaps the biggest source of rivalry for the R6 in the past with the CBR 600RR and Suzuki with the GSXR 600 so can a new R6 from Yamaha keep them fresh in the ladder of top sports motorcycles?.


Will the Yamaha R6 revamp bring it back to past glory?

Rumour is all that this brand new R6 is at this moment in time and we are unsure as to whether or not the new R6 is a go. If it is to be revealed and launched, can it be the big player in the motorbike market that it once was or is there just too much competition on the road for it right now?.


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