The brand new Fiat Panda crossover model is a go
October 14, 2014

Italian manufacturer Fiat have officially launched their brand new Panda crossover model onto the streets of the UK. The Panda is one of the biggest selling Fiat ranges on the market and has been ever since its grand launch in 1980. Now though the brand are looking at the crossover market which has seen some great additions as of late from Peugeot with the 2008 amongst others. This is where the brand new Panda Cross model comes into play and from the specifications and the abilities that the Fiat brand have included this time around, we certainly believe that the Panda Cross could very well be one the firms biggest sellers for a number of years. The Panda Cross is mainly focused on off road driving as the brand have included some great features which stabilise the control on the off road but the vehicle is also great when it comes to driving on the road also.


New parts and accessories for the Fiat Panda Cross 4x4

So what new features give the Panda Cross that added bit of edge over some tough competition from firms such as Ford and Citroen with the C4 Cactus?. Well ride height compared to that of a standard Panda model has been increased which when the off road surfaces come into play we see that the car has a ground clearance now of 161mm. The majority of changes made to this crossover variant however consist of the body work and design layout. We now see that the Panda Cross receives a brand new set of front skid plates in a chrome design. A newly revised set of bumpers and roof rails are also thrown into the mix.


Another keen interest with the Crossover is engine range to come along with it. There are two engines in total with one consisting of a 0.9 litre,turbocharged petrol unit. Your alternative option however consists of a 1.3 litre,Multijet diesel unit. The turbocharged 0.9 variant is expected to be the big seller in the range as we see that if you combine this engine unit with the standard six speed transmission system, we see that the Panda Cross is capable of delivering on a top speed of 104 miles per hour. This is helped to be achieved by the twelve seconds in which it takes the Crossover model to reach 62mph from a standstill. The new developments technology wise and features of the car also stand out to us. We see that the Italians are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to including key components like terrain control with three different driving modes, hill descent control, front fog lights,LED daytime running lights and a set of 15 inch alloy wheels. The new Panda Cross is available in six paint schemes which include White,Red,Black Green,Yellow and Baige.


What price does the Fiat Panda Cross come in at?

In regards to a purchase price to come along with the brand new Panda Cross, we are pleased to deliver on the good news that a purchase price beginning at £16,245 comes along with this crossover vehicle and it can be bought from your local Fiat showroom right now.  


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