A brand new BMW M2 to be revealed at the Detroit motor show?
October 14, 2014

Next year at the Detroit motor show, car fans may be treated to an official reveal of the brand new M2 model from BMW. The vehicle has recently been spotted for the first time undergoing its phase of testing and this new version of the car is expected to be a more power based model that could rest high up in the ranks amongst models such as the Mercedes AMG line up amongst other ranges. Since the M range was first brought into play for BMW in 1972, it has been a good seller for the brand and has been one of the most sought after sports line ups a car manufacturer has to offer.


Will the new M2 continue a special tradition for the BMW M line up?

Some special features which help to benefit the whole power and performance side of things for the M2 are expected to come along with the car. Lightweight materials such as Carbon Fibre are expected to be used which will help the car when it comes to agility and a dynamic driving experience. A manual transmission system is also the only transmission that is being considered at the moment but an automatic could be a key variable in the future. Looking into the power and what kind of deliverance we can expect to see the new M2 put out, it is believed that the new M2 will use a more power orientated 3.0 litre,turbo engine with over 350 brake horse power development being put out.


Stability has been something that has been focused on vastly this time around for the M2 and with that in mind, BMW have included a track version of this car too. This has been helped to be achieved by a new set of fixed rate,adaptive dampers. The images of the car testing that were captured show the vehicle in a Black paint scheme with very little disguise and it shown the vehicle with angular front headlights and the slightly raised bonnet that we can come to expect from M Sport models from BMW.


When is the BMW M2 expected to see a launch?

Although not confirmed, there is a possibility and reports are suggesting that the M2 is to be displayed for the first time ever next year from the Detroit motor show. Regarding a potential price tag that will come along with the M2,this remains unconfirmed but expect a cost of somewhere around £45,000 to come along with the vehicle.


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