Is the Ford Kuga Titanium X taking the SUV market by storm?
October 15, 2014

The SUV sector has been one of the biggest rising divisions in the automotive industry for the past seven to eight years. As the years have gone by the demand for these models has certainly grown larger and larger and technology advancement and power train advancements have certainly been a big part of that success. What if you still haven’t found that ideal SUV for you though, what's next?. Well we believe that American manufacturer Ford may have the ideal answer for you. The Kuga Titanium X. The Titanium X is the highest trim level that Ford offer on the majority of their vehicles. Depending on the car of your choice, the Titanium X line up includes features such as added pieces of kit and accessories all the way up to upgraded engine performance. If we take this into consideration with the success that the Kuga has achieved over the years this could very well be the perfect combination.


What new features come with the Kuga Titanium X and how well does it perform?

Firstly with a look into what sits underneath the bonnet of the car, we see that a total of four engine units find a place in the car two of them being Fords successful Ecoboost units. Your fist entry level model is the 1.6 litre Ecoboost unit which has a power development of 148bhp. Your second Ecoboost model on offer is the same 1.6 litre model with the difference being an upgrade in power which now comes in at 178bhp. If diesel engines are more your style, we see a selection of two 2.0 litre,TDi units on sale. The first produces 148bhp and much like the Ecoboost engines a power development is the big difference as the alternative diesel sees a total of 161 brake horse power developed. A standard six speed transmission system comes along with the entry level models but if you opt for the higher powered petrol unit an automatic transmission is delivered. The same can be said for the diesel line up too except they contain a powershift automatic transmission.


With this being the Titanium X, you can expect to receive all of those key benefits that are included with the standard Titanium trim level which includes a DAB radio, Bluetooth,automatic lights/wipers and Ford's SYNC voice control system. Al of these standard features on the Titanium trim has helped the Kuga to deliver the fight to the likes of the Nissan Juke and the Honda CR-V during its time on our roads.


The Titanium X specifications however included added on components like 18 inch alloy wheels,Bi xenon headlights which are also joined by LED daytime running lights,a panoramic sunroof and heated leather seating which could be ideal this Winter time.


What will the top trim level Kuga cost you?

Prices for the Titanium X Kuga being at a total of £25,400 for an entry level model which is the 1.6 Ecoboost. Prices rise upwards varying on your choice of engine unit. The top spec Kuga is on sale right now and can be purchased and driven away from your nearest Ford dealership.  


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