The Ford Focus RS preparing for its return
October 17, 2014

Images have revealed that a brand new Ford Focus RS is officially beginning development ahead of a planned launch in 2016. The Focus is one of the biggest selling vehicles that Ford has on the road right now alongside the popular selling Fiesta model. It was in 2009 that we first seen the launch of the Focus RS which is a more power orientated version of the Focus. It was designed to help bring the fight from a power and performance standpoint to other power focused vehicles from companies all around the world. This brand new Focus RS which is currently in development will be the third time that the RS has been brought into play and for the first time ever it has been confirmed to carry the firms brand new Ecoboost engine unit.


What can we expect to come along with the Focus RS?

At this point in time, features and some specifications for the car are being kept quiet by the brand behind the idea but we do know that the car will incorporate the firms new Ecoboost engine division by including the fitting of a turbocharged, 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine. This is the same engine that will also be found in the brand new Mustang which will also make its way to the UK next year for the first time ever. A brand new revised suspension system is expected to make the cut with the brand new Focus RS and a deliverance of power is speculated to be in at around the 300bhp area. A standard six speed transmission system will also come along with the new RS as standard.


Performance attributes and dynamics are two of the main focal points for Ford with the new RS and developments on torque deliverance have also been made for this front wheel drive model. Although the vehicle was under disguise when it was seen testing, a twin exhaust system at the rear end and a redesigned front bumper at the front end of the RS were noticeable.


When to expect the new Focus RS from Ford

It is believed that considering development has now begun on the new Focus RS, it is set to arrive on our roads throughout the course of 2016 just before the current generation Focus is ended and the new addition arrives. Nothing has been confirmed yet regarding a price tag that will come along with the vehicle although a purchase price of somewhere around the £30,000 area is possible.  


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