The brand new Porsche Cayman GT4 is spied
October 17, 2014

Images have today been making their rounds showing the brand new Cayman GT4 model from German sports car brand Porsche undergoing testing both on the track and on the road. The images show a number of revisions made to the bodywork of the car and some added fittings and we also expect a brand new engine to come along with the GT4 also. There is a revised version of the Cayman all set to be launched next year but the images that have been revealed show that the car is more based on the current standard Cayman model on sale. The Cayman can be dated back to 2005 which is when we seen the arrival of the sports car for the first time ever. There have been only two generations of the vehicle on the market to date with the latest arriving just last year. This brand new revision made to the car though which is being marketed under the name of the GT4 is based on the latest second generation model on our streets. How will it compare to that of the standard Cayman model though and it will be worth the purchase?.

What will the new Porsche Cayman GT4 deliver upon?

As previously stated, the images of the car which have been revealed straight away show some brand new features that will come along with the vehicle body design and structure wise. A revised bumper at the front end of the Cayman GT4 can be noticed as can a front splitter and much larger air intakes compared to that of the standard model. An all new rear spoiler has also been included this time around. The braking system of the car has also been vastly improved upon as the GT4 will receive ceramic brake discs that the standard Cayman does not. A PDK dual clutch,automatic transmission system is also being rumoured to come along with the car.


The engine that the Cayman will run from has not been confirmed as of yet but it is believed that the current engine used in the Cayman may not be carried over. Instead the expectation is that the GT4 will receive the fitting of a 3.8 litre, flat six unit which will range between 360 and 380 brake horse power deliverance. The same engine can also be found in the firms Carrera S model which is on sale now. The GT and GTS range are both power focused variants from Porsche and the new Cayman GT4 could deliver on a more high end performance than we have ever seen before from a Cayman model.


When will we see the Porsche Cayman GT4 launched?

The German sports car designer have not yet confirmed a price tag that will come along with the Cayman GT4 or an exact date of launch. It is believed though that we can expect to see the car go on sale at some point throughout the course of next year. As soon as we receive any more information on the vehicle we will keep you updated.  


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