The brand new Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air
October 20, 2014

Today we are pleased to report on the arrival of the brand new Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air model which has recently been made available for purchase here in the United Kingdom and across other markets world wide too. This brand new addition to the Vauxhall Adam family is the next step in the brands SUV range which looks to challenge other top contending rivals in the division such as the Nissan Juke amongst many others. With some good standard power rates and addition features to keep drivers happy, we believe that this new Adam Rocks Air model could be that ideal SUV on the market for 2014 which could definitely be worth considering when it comes to purchasing a vehicle this year. If you're looking for an SUV which benefits from some good steady power and pieces of kit, this may be the ideal car for you.


How does the Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air shape up amongst the competition?

So firstly we will take a look inside the Adam Rocks Air and have a look into the kind of power that the vehicle packs. We see that as standard for the car, the fitting of a one litre,three cylinder turbo engine which combined with the standard six speed manual transmission system sees an overall power development of 113bhp and 166NM of torque is also delivered through to the front wheels. A sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour is made achievable thanks to the engine in a time of 9.9 seconds which then progresses on to reach a total top speed limit of 121 miles per hour.


The car also receives some great styling features which include the likes of silver skid plates,redesigned front and rear bumpers,an all new rear spoiler,LED tail lights and a new set of 17 inch alloy wheels. There are so many SUV and city car models on the road right now which could give the Adam Air Rocks a run for its money and vehicles such as the Citroen C4 cactus and the Auris from Toyota we believe could do this very well.


What is the price of a brand new Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air?

If you are thinking of making the purchase on a brand new Adam Rocks Air model, expect to pay out a brand new purchase price of £16,695 for this brand new vehicle. The car is also on sale right now and can be purchased and driven away from your local Vauxhall dealership right now.


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