Hyundai to introduce a brand new sports car to their range for Europe?
October 20, 2014

In a statement from European managing director of the Korean firm Hyundai Allan Rushforth, the plan to bring a small sports car to the streets of Europe could come into play over the course of the next few years. The Hyundai firm are well known for their vehicle line up which includes the likes of the i20 and the ix35 and the brand have just recently introduced the brand new addition of the i10 onto our roads. City cars are very much a theme for the brand and have been ideal when it comes to challenging other top car brands such as Ford with the ever popular Fiesta. What can the Korean firm bring to the table as far as a sports car is concerned though and what can we expect from the mass manufacturer in the future?.


The plan for a sports car from Hyundai

Although this is not confirmed by any means, there is a possibility that the introduction of a brand new sports car from Hyundai could arrive in time for 2017 which is when Hyundai have stated that they would like to introduce 22 brand new vehicle ranges on our roads. It has been confirmed by Allan Rushforth that if a sports car is to make it into production it will be an entirely new vehicle and will not be coupe model again. He then went on to say “Cars like these,such as the Audi TT,create a huge demand when they're new, but then that dies off quickly”. He went on to further explain that “Its about demographics too. The buyers of the old coupe no longer want these cars”.


A twin charged turbo engine was recently used in the companies PassoCorto concept vehicle and it developed 262 brake horse power in total. There is definitely some potential in this engine that could be taken into consideration when it comes to designing a brand new sports car by the brand. It is uncertain though as to whether this same engine unit would be used in a Hyundai sports car or we would see the addition of something new.


Will the European MD still be with Hyundai at the time of a sports car launch?

Allan Rushforth who is the managing director for Hyundai has stated that he will be leaving the company when he takes on another position within the Nissan brand in the future. Does this mean that we could see some changes made to the new sports car if it is to see the production line in the future or will plans stay the same?. We will keep you upto date with all of the latest news as and when it arrives on a brand new Hyundai sports car.  


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